Your Feature Presentation

by WLM 

Instead of using makeup to cover up, use it to show off just how naturally gorgeous you are! We all have one feature (or several) we are proud of that allows us to feel oh, so radiantly confident in our own skin. To celebrate your best feature, tone down the rest of your makeup and amp up the volume on your favorite asset.


Blessed with full, face-shaping brows? Give them some love by leaving them alone! Take a break from tweezing, and let them grow even fuller and more into their natural shape. When you do tweeze, pluck only hairs that stray far outside of your brow line. Apply a soft brow pencil, tinting gel or powder in short strokes to mimic your natural hairs and add definition, and your exquisite brows are ready to stun!


If you have traffic-stopping peepers, bring them to the front and center with a few tricks of the trade. Use a gently sharpened eye pencil (not too sharp) in black, brown or gray to carefully trace the waterline of your upper eyelashes by simply pulling back your top eyelid. Then, trace your lower waterline and connect the corners of your eye. Add a dash of white eye shadow to the inner corner, and voila!


Are your sculpted cheekbones works of art? Give them the attention they deserve. Apply a contour powder just underneath your cheekbones and a bronzer right in the hallows. Brush a little blush on the apples of your cheeks in a “C” shape, then finish by swiping the top of your cheekbones with a highlighter.


Love your lips? Bright, bold colors and a little hand-eye coordination are all you need to put the spotlight on your pout. Start by creating a curvy Cupid’s bow by marking an “X” in the dip of your upper lip with liner, then line the perimeter, being sure to go all the way around your lips so there are no breaks in the line. Next, use a color half a shade darker than the liner to fill in your lips with a lip brush.

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