Your Bucket List

by Richelle Kimble



It’s a word we strive to embrace but occasionally overlook. Opportunity surrounds us, and the democracy instilled in American culture fuels the demand for evolving activity and individuality. Regardless of a person’s interests, values, religion or hobbies, an opportunity is always knocking; there is something for everyone at all moments. When a person embraces those offerings and suddenly begins to feel overwhelmed with all the delightful accomplishments they must pursue, they must create a bucket list.

My adulthood bucket list began when I was fresh in college; as a college athlete who moved out of state, my mental game to take on new experiences had to be at its peak. When it came time to decide what I was doing for the summer off-season, my curiosity led me to Yellowstone National Park. It was no luxurious vacation, but working at a park restaurant enabled me to stay for an entire ten weeks. There, I discovered my passion for exploration; there, I spent countless hours hiking alone, listening to the moon and learning about myself; there, the roots for my bucket list began, and since, I’ve continually added to my list, checking off each adventure one by one (the most recent being doing a handstand on Devil’s Bridge in Sedona, Arizona. Check out our magazine’s cover!).

Perhaps your bucket list is worldly, or maybe it’s locally centered; or, maybe you have one of each at which to continually chip away. Just think: The surrounding local culture is booming with new restaurants, entertainment options, and outdoor parks; Michigan is home to a growing trail system, is sprinkled with fabulous waterfalls, and has nearly 97,000 square miles of land to explore; the nation is filled with astonishing preservations called national parks, has over 19,000 cities to visit, and is home to hundreds of sports venues; and, of course, 195 countries comprise the world, each with incomparable diversity of land and culture. It’s a big world, and life is too short to be all work and no play. Explore your interests, share your passions and seize every day you can. Compose a bucket list!

Unsure where to start? If you’re tech savvy, keep a note in your phone or a Pinterest board for easy additions as thoughts trigger throughout the day. If you’re a visual person, keep a giant poster of your to-do list on your wall at home. If handcrafting a bucket list is on your bucket list, then paint, decorate or design a poster. As you complete each adventure, watch your list dwindle, feel proud and fulfilled, and prepare to add more.

Completing the list takes dedication. It’s not easy to break away from life’s day-to-day, but setting goals is the first step. Save money by creating an “adventure fund” where you stash all your $1, $5 and $10 bills whenever you receive them, get creative with your vacation days by taking advantage of the weekends, and remember to embrace opportunity whenever is appears.



When she’s not editing for WLM, Richelle enjoys exploring, traveling, writing, reading, cooking, learning and playing. Follow her for adventure inspiration: @richelle.kimble


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