Wonder(ful) Woman: Power From Within

by Megan Stubbs 

By now, we are deep into Pure Michigan summer vibes, and it wouldn’t be a Mitten summer without a trip to the beach! This seemingly easy and enjoyable endeavor can leave many people with feelings of trepidation. It’s likely that mainstream media has been forewarning you of the impending warmer weather— “Do you know what your body looks like?” “Is it beach ready?” Guess what? If you have a body and you take it to the beach, you are beach-body ready!

Here are three tips you can use today to start feeling good about your beautiful body.

Silence Your Inner Critic

This is something you can start right now! Shut down the voices in your head that say your body isn’t right or you are a bad person. Change your narrative to say positive things. Studies show that once you cut out the negative self-talk, you experience an increase in confidence and happiness and less self-induced depression. This also applies to negative self-talk regarding someone else’s body, celebrities included!

Appreciate What You Have

Gratitude is the attitude! Be grateful for the body you have. This is the vessel that is carrying you though your life’s journey. Appreciate all that your body can do for you. What brings you joy in life? Work towards goals of doing more joyful activities, not a particular dress/size. When was the last time you fully looked at yourself in the mirror? I know this can be confronting for many people, but once you get to know the woman in the mirror, you will gain a stronger appreciation for how amazing she is. Remember that you are so much more than your lines, scars, bumps, dimples or a silly number on a scale.

Eat Clean

While body shape and size don’t matter, nutrition does. If you put good food in your body, you will yield good results. Be smart with your nutrition choices and love yourself while doing it. If you look at the benefits of having a strong and healthy body, it only makes sense that you can’t mainline junk food daily and  expect your body to be at its best. We can do more of what brings us joy when our bodies are healthy (see above appreciation).

Shape a Positive Circle 

Build a tribe of supportive friends and loved ones who love the entire you. Imagine if you could see yourself through their eyes; treat yourself the way you would  one of your best friends.

Remember to set a good example! Our behavior can often times strongly influence our youngest fans; even if you don’t come out and specifically say it, children can piece together your coded language about any body shame you may have. Aim to inspire the young girls in your life to love all that they are.

If you can shift your mind when you are perceiving yourself as less than stunning and become an observer, you can help compartmentalize those not so positive feelings. Look at them, acknowledge them and then move on to enjoy a glorious day on the beach!

“Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.” –Anonymous 

Megan Stubbs

Dr. Megan Stubbs is a Sexologist, the job you never saw on career day. For insightful tips or a good laugh, find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and SexologistMegan.com.

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