WINE & WHATNOT: No Champagne of New Year’s Day

by Allie Merrick


i sip in a different way
each and every new years day

most look ahead to the future
but i look behind to my past
they pour champagne to celebrate
as i pour burgundy to recast

others makes toasts
with promises they make
while i raise my glass
as i account for each mistake

some find their once filled glasses empty
and begin to pour once again
but when my wine is gone
instead of the bottle, a grab the pen

i pour my thoughts of yesterday
on pages to remember
the good, the bad and in between
from last january through december

it’s on these ink etched pages
not in a wine filled glass
that i find cause to smile
and sip again with class

yes, i sip in a different way
each and every new years day

Photograph of Allie Merrick


Allie Merrick is the co-host of My Wine Words, the NW Wine Correspondent for Northwest Wines To You and creative contractor under her own label Allie Merrick, Inc.


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