WINE & WHATNOT: A Bottled Memory

by Allie Merrick


a walk in the woods
with a bottle of bordeaux
two glasses poured
of chateau margaux

aromatics of autumn
we smelled as we walked
fall’s finest hues
we saw as we talked

of the wine
we were very fond
but our adoration
went beyond

i looked at you
you looked at me
and we saw what we
didn’t expect to see

your love for me
you then confessed
followed by passion
we became undressed

the details that followed
for only you and i to know
were a show of emotion –
a private show

leaves on the ground
around us danced
while on our palates
the margaux pranced

in an afternoon
beneath an old oak tree
we found love in a forest
that few can see

i loved that walk
and i love that wine
a bottled memory
that’s yours and mine




Allie Merrick is the co-host of My Wine Words, the NW Wine Correspondent for Northwest Wines To You and creative contractor under her own label Allie Merrick, Inc.


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