Who Let the Dog Out?



by Angie Hultgren

Most people who have pets live very busy lives, often sprinkled with chaos, errands, and a side of physical activity. If you are a healthy pet owner, chances are your pet is healthy, too. But how do you know? Technology has provided us with many personal achievement tracking devices. There is one to tell us what we eat, how we sleep, how many steps we have taken in a day, and even one to map our runs. Each outcome or shortfall is visible right at our fingertips via our Smartphone. We have a pulse on what we have done or need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What if you could know what was happening with your pet’s health and activity before issues arise? What sort of wearable tech can you attach to your “best friend” and more importantly, why?

FitBark aims to answer just that very question with the technology that informs you about your pet’s health
and behavior.

Dog2The FitBark device attaches to any collar, monitors a dog’s behavior around the clock, and awards bark points in case your dog is into the “gamification” of their health. All kidding aside, the FitBark packs some amazing technology into the collar and Smartphone app. It tracks how active the dog is, how much time he or she spends with the family, even how their activity and sleep are trending for that day, week or month. The information can also be compared to other dogs on the network that are breed similar, and can be sent to your tech-savvy vets. The proof will be in the pudding that you truly did go for a walk every day!

In addition, the FitBark is waterproof and features a 3-D accelerometer to track the movement of the dog through any and all terrain accurately, from hills at doggy daycare to the couch in your home. One of the FitBark’s more understated features is its use of low energy Bluetooth 4.0, which means it can run for a very long time using a tiny battery that fits within the beacon you put on your dog’s collar. They won’t event know it is there, which means they won’t try to chew it off.

Do you have a Fitbit, Jawbone Up, or another human version of a fitness tracker? Well, the FitBark can compare your level of activity with that of your canine friend. There’s a funny saying that dogs tend to look like their owners. Perhaps having a canine synched and compared to your fitness level will encourage you to hit the gym (or another run with the dog). The app also has a journal function that allows you to take notes about a dog’s behavior. It may seem strange, but it is convenient for some situations (for example, we had a dog who had seizures regularly). If we were to have an app like this at the time, it would have been priceless to us.

What I find fun is the messenger function. The family can keep in contact and figure out who is walking the dog, taking him/her to the vet, picking up dog food, or even their favorite treats. When you are out running those errands, it provides you with your to-do list, so you never miss treats! Technology isn’t just for us humans anymore. Why not make your pup tech savvy?

Visit www.FitBark.com to learn more information and begin your more advanced pup parenting.

Allow technology to fill in the performance gaps you’re missing as a pet parent with these other helpful apps:

The Dog Park Finder by Dogster.com has a Google powered map that directs you to dog parks nearby. It also puts you in contact with other pet owners if you’d like to set up a play date.

PetMD’s Dog First Aid will guide you through practically any emergency your pup finds himself in. Start emergency training before arriving at the clinic.

angie hultgren

Angie Hultgren spends her days as a Marketing Strategist with the Bengtson Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery.  She loves family, faith and her four legged friends.