Wearing White

Look cool, calm and collected when temperatures soar.

7 Tips to Wearing White


• When wearing light weight fabrics like linen, wear underwear that matches your flesh tone.

• Does the potential for the see-through factor makes you cringe? Wear items with a built in liner or heavier fabrics such as denim.

• For a monochromatic look, choose neutral, metallic or nude accessories. To add personality, wear statement pieces for a pop of color.

• Mix and match textures, but ensure the shades of white match. There are many tones like winter white, eggshell, frost and linen, and they don’t always look well together.

• Be aware that white can accentuate certain body parts.

• That being said, white shoes may make your feet look  bigger than they are.

• Wearing white to a wedding will give the impression that you’re trying to upstage the bride. Don’t do it.

Afraid of wearing white when going out?

Keep an emergency kit handy with baby wipes, a stain-remover stick and even a piece of white chalk or baby powder, which can cover up small gray or black marks on white clothing.

The good news about wearing white

White is a great color to wear when you are preparing for new beginnings. It encourages sensibility, attention to details and optimism.

Clean and disinfect white items using the hydrogen peroxide in your medicine cabinet. Remove stains, such as fresh blood, by pouring the solution directly on the stain, then rinse with cold water before washing. NOTE: Never mix hydrogen peroxide with chlorine bleach, ammonia or vinegar as dangerous gases can form.




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