Warm and Modern: Creating the Vibe

Catalina bedroom set by Copeland Furniture

Use the cold weather as an opportunity to reinvent some of the rooms in your home. With paint, texture, fabric and lighting, rooms can be quickly transformed into cozy respites from the cold.

Practice layering in rooms

An affordable and relatively easy way to make a room seem more cozy is to layer fabrics and other accents, including throws and blankets. Remove place mats from the dining room table and use them on accent tables or an ottoman in the living room. Table runners also can add a splash of color to the top of bedroom dressers.

Play with texture

Look for fabrics that boast texture and add a tactile feel to spaces. Mix and match coordinating colors with various textures and designs. A lampshade made of an unusual fabric, such as a waffle-patterned material, can add a little depth and warmth to a space. Window treatments can brighten a space, let the outdoors in and add dimension to a room.

Reevaluate your lighting

Create a warm and cozy feel by switching out bulbs from cooler shades to warmer ones–those that give off yellow and pink hues rather than cool blues. Available in a wide variety of artistic designs, accent lighting helps establish a comfortable space for curling up and reading a good book. Spot lighting, such as fixtures that are trained on artwork or inside of a curio or china cabinet, also can set a more welcoming mood.

Invest in area rugs

Thick area rugs add warmth to a room and can help it look more lived-in. A large rug can make a room appear more cohesive by providing a visual border and takes the chill off hardwood floors.

Start a pottery collection

Hand-crafted vases, pots and bowls add warmth to any space. Vases evoke a richness of texture and evoke the luscious warmth of the feminine form. Add original local works of art interspersed with additional design accents, and you will instantly make a room feel more inviting.

Get the Glow

Nothing creates a cozy vibe like the beauty and blaze of a fireplace. With the variety of portable options to choose from, you can add a toasty glow to any room. An eco-friendly tabletop fireplace makes a great centerpiece for gathering around your kitchen or cocktail table.

Choose dark paint

Dark colors give rooms a more enclosed feel than lighter colors, which can create a comfortable and more intimate feeling. This works particularly well in larger spaces that feel vast and empty. If you’re skeptical of painting an entire room, try a darker shade on one accent wall.

2017 Interior Color Forecast: GRAY IS HERE TO STAY!

“Gray, in all its variations, has emerged as the overwhelming choice of designers for spaces ranging from home interiors to elegant office settings, and everything in between,” says Debbie Zimmer, color expert for the Paint Quality Institute.

Versatility is the secret to the success of gray, says Zimmer.  “Gray is beautiful in its own right, but it is so perfectly neutral that it can work alongside other soft tints or serve as a perfect foil for vibrant accent colors.”

One reason gray is so versatile is that it is not a stark primary color, nor is it typically a simple combination of black and white.  What we call “gray” actually refers to a wide range of complex grayish colors that often contain hints of red, green, blue, yellow or some other hue.

“This subtle tinting is what enables various grays to work well with so many complementary and contrasting colors,” says Zimmer. “For example, gray paints that contain a little yellow pigment work well with gold, beige or brown, while those containing red pigment coordinate beautifully with burgundy or purple.”



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