Unleash Your Inner Power

by Angel Stewart 

A person can spend an afternoon searching for their glasses only to discover they were on their face the entire time. In other words, we can miss the obvious. This is often true when we are looking for ways to accomplish our dreams. Neglecting to recognize and embrace our attributes can lead to struggles with interpersonal decisions, career moves, financial choices and our overall identity. How is it that we can be fruitful in one part of our lives, only to fall short in others? When we pinpoint specific skills that serve us well in our accomplishments, we can use them to be successful in new ventures.

Limiting Beliefs

Notice how often we use self-defeating words such as “can’t,” “won’t,” “couldn’t” and “never.” These words reflect limiting beliefs that have developed over time and are rooted in our upbringing. While these beliefs initially form in childhood to protect us, they hold us back from realizing our value and accomplishing our goals. For instance, a successful runner can be devoted to their daily 5k but might harbor the conviction that they will never be able to maintain a healthy diet.

What one would never question, another may consider quite questionable. The key to releasing ourselves from the bonds of our limiting beliefs is to challenge them. Think through the ones you have. Ask yourself where each belief came from and what it’s attempting to protect you from. Use logic to determine its worth. Be honest about the trouble it has caused you and make a commitment to no longer invest power in it.

Skills are Beautifully Revealing

In The Neuro-Linguistic Programing Workbook, author and NLP therapist Judy Bartkowiak encourages readers to identify their strengths by writing three responses to the following questions: What would you do in a talent contest? What compliments do others give you? What does your family say you do well? The result is a list of your attributes.

This is where the revelation begins! Choose a skill that contributes to your successes. How can you use it to accomplish something else? For example, the runner we discussed uses her ability to stick to a routine to support her running ambition.  To reach her goal of maintaining a healthy diet, she can confidently commit to planning a weekly menu and sticking to the nutritious aisles of the grocery store knowing she is utilizing a skill that has served her well in another area.

Now it’s your turn! Let go of your limiting beliefs. Create your list of skills and discover your dreams can come true. Because truly, all that you need to be successful is already inside of you waiting to be set free!

Angel Stewart

Angel Stewart resides in Grand Rapids MI with her husband, 3 children and many pets! She owns Body Mind & Soul Life Coaching. She specializes in child, adolescent and adult Neuro-Linguistics as a Practitioner, Speaker and Trainer. Learn more at www.LifeCoachBMS.com or call 616-818-8100.



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