The Path to Self-Reinvention

by Hannah Jane

January is the time for resolutions and changes that we make to evolve and reinvent ourselves for the better. Reinvention is a way to take charge of your life. As you plan out your resolutions, you create a personal roadmap to optimum health focusing on its four main categories: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

Let’s break it down.

Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone to accomplish a change in each of these four categories. Initially, the goals you create may make you slightly uncomfortable as you make the journey toward the person you want to be. Change takes time and dedication, so creating a plan, or “road map,” is essential. Start with small goals and track your success by keeping a resolution journal. This will help you track your achievements in writing and allow you to look back on them during the times when you feel discouraged. Prepare yourself mentally as you tally up the habits you want to rid yourself of and the goals you want to accomplish.

Ready. Set. Reflect.

Start writing. Visualize the new you and come up with a game plan. This process will help you find your purpose and let go of the past habits and routines that are holding you back. Keep your eyes on the horizon and let your imagination lead the way.

Give yourself permission to try new things.

Buy that book you’ve wanted to read or take time to travel to the places your heart has always desired to visit. Create new social circles and attend new events, even if it means stepping outside of your comfort zone for a night. Reap exercise endorphins by breaking out your old gym shoes and signing up for a workout class you haven’t tried before (pole dancing, cardio or hiking groups). Dust off your neglected pots and pans and turn your kitchen into a creation station that would make Martha Stewart envious. Make space for the new you by recycling the clothes in your closet that don’t make you feel fabulous. The next step is to spruce up your wardrobe with styles that complement you and your personality.

Allow the challenges to inspire you.

Even though they may feel overwhelming at times, get excited about these new adventures. Value process as much as product and focus on the you that you want to be–a possible feat as long as you stay diligent and stick to your plan.

Make time for you.

Schedule time to love yourself, whether it’s through meditation, hobbies or just finding a tranquil space to reflect on your blessings. Find your niche strengths, assess what you do best and lead with those strengths into the new year as you refresh your lifestyle.

Don’t do it alone.

Share your journey with the people you love; having a support group will keep you accountable as you move toward and accomplish your new goals. Better yet, invite your family and friends to join you on your reinvention so they can also accomplish the goals they have set for themselves.

It’s time to shake things up and stop letting time and circumstances dictate your life. You are the artistic author of your story, and it’s time to take control and build the life you desire.

Hannah is a health and wellness advocate and journalist who focuses on introducing and implementing a balanced and healthy lifestyle into her community through workshops, writing, classes and education.




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