The Essential Black Blazer

by Richelle Kimble • photography by Two Eagles Marcus

Every woman’s closet should have one. They come in all shapes and sizes, so choose what style suits your personality best (we chose a traditional fit to keep it classic). With a little inspiration, any woman can dress this piece for a business casual, coffee-shop comfy, or professional event. Below are some of our favorite ways to wear this wardrobe essential.


With Your Best Scarf
Keep the blazer open or shut and add a splash of character with your favorite scarf. Keep the color muted with your outfit, or add personality with a color pop. Experiment with different tying options, but ensure the scarf is laying comfortably.


With Stylish Accessories
Add individuality by accessorizing your outfit. If starting with neutral colors, your unique twist can be left up to your outfit additions. Here, we made the chunky necklace the main statement piece and complemented it with a wristwatch and neutral-colored purse.


Paired With a Pencil Skirt
This pair is perfect because a low-profile skirt won’t distract attention from the statement blazer. A detailed skirt or one that poofs in any way may disrupt the sleek flow of an outfit. Stick with something that accentuates your curves, yet makes you feel comfortable.


Shabby Chic Underneath
Who said blazers are only for the corporate professionals? Dress down the black beauty by pairing it with light-colored jeans and a loose tee. This look is perfect for casual Fridays or a coffee-shop date.


Over a Feminine Dress
The above lacy dress is an ideal addition to a blazer for women seeking a less intimidating professional look. It flows great from a long workday to a night out on the town, too.


With a Detailed Blouse
A detailed blouse may look overwhelming alone, but when paired with the cleanliness of a blazer, it’s highlighted to perfection. We chose a high-buttoned blouse to keep the look polished, but embraced the wooden buttons to add natural and approachable coloring.


When she’s not editing for WLM and spending time with her fellow staff members, Richelle enjoys exploring, traveling, writing, reading, cooking, learning and playing. Follow her for adventure inspiration: @thekleerlife




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