Teamwork: Making the Dream Work

by Jennifer Deamud

Be the one to lead change with the adoption of modern techniques and helpful platforms.

In the ever-evolving world of technology, many businesses have access to helpful tools designed to maximize collaboration. There are plenty of resources readily available for organizations to use to improve work performance, creative sharing and idea outcomes. Most of these tools can be accessed cost-free for basic use, allowing businesses and institutions to further develop and evolve.

Streamlined Communications

Clean up a cluttered inbox and reduce the number of emails received by downloading Slack, an online application and desktop resource that allows for an open stream of communication between colleagues in one convenient location–think of it as an instant messaging platform for professionals. By consolidating conversations and corralling ideas, Slack eliminates any confusion or miscommunication brought about by group inquiries. In a business or organization, it’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Slack is an exceptional tool for everyday communication, as well. Colleagues can post a question or statement on the platform for others in the group to review and respond to. Slack’s instant and streamlined approach to communication offers a convenient way to share and discuss creative ideas; users have the chance to toss out new discussion topics and gain insight by browsing other perspectives and thoughts.

Maximize Collaboration 

Teamwork is at the heart of every successful organization. Businesses that are effective and efficient regarding collaboration frequently form new connections, sparking fresh collaborations and priorities. This fast-paced cycle requires a great deal of organization. Useful resources for maximizing order and structure include Google, Dropbox and Trello.

Popular search giant Google allows users to create and share documents via Google Drive. The only requirement to access this easy-to-use tool is a Gmail address. With a built-in feature that grants access to multiple users at once, Google Drive eliminates the need for more than one version of a single document.

Businesses can increase organization by keeping crucial documents in one place. Dropbox and Google both offer a secure space to store documents and share them with others in the group. Using a custom username and password, members can access Dropbox files from home or on the go.

Trello is a project management tool that provides a way for individuals or teams to organize a project, assign accountability and establish a timeline. When creating a Trello board, users can invite both internal and external project partners to share the board. Project members can send messages directly to those who share the board and set reminders to indicate deadlines and updates, boosting efficiency and decreasing any confusion regarding project responsibilities.

Be a Leader of Change

By taking advantage of readily available, user-friendly resources like the ones listed above, your team will yield long-term benefits with positive outcomes. When choosing a starting point, determine which tools meet the needs of your business and your colleagues, and gradually introduce the new organization method. Once you and your team feel comfortable with the resources you’ve chosen, challenge another member of the group to collaborate using the new tool. Be the one to lead change with the adoption of modern techniques and helpful platforms that will bring about significant transformation for your organization or business.

Jennifer Deamud

Jennifer (and her husband Dave) started an endowed scholarship at GVSU for students affected by their parents being incarcerated- “Be the Change” scholarship can be accessed at



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