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Women's LifeStyle Magazine event coordinator and beer aficionado Bri Kilroy prepares to enjoy an URSA Project blend.
Women’s LifeStyle Magazine event coordinator and beer aficionado Bri Kilroy prepares to enjoy an URSA Project blend.

by Bri Kilroy

Beer is art, so even when ArtPrize isn’t happening Grand Rapids is constantly brewing drinkable masterpieces. In this case, Grand Rapids Brewing Company (GRBC) is tapping two limited-time brews that you can choose to combine into a unique 16-ounce pour unlike any you have sipped before.

The Ursa Project (vote code 64426) is the unprecedented concoction GRBC brewers, drinkers and designers entered in ArtPrize Eight. Aside from the artwork gracing the brewery’s massive windows with psychedelic color and design, you will notice two new items on its beer list: Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.


Inspired by the mythical legend of the Ursa constellations, each brew is a marvel on its own. Ursa Major, representing warrior maiden Callisto, is a show-stopping honey chocolate porter that is brewed with local honey and soaked in 24 pounds of organic cocoa nibs, flooding your palate with decadent flavor. Ursa Minor, representing Callisto’s son Arcas, is a blueberry blond ale that packs a harvest of 200 pounds of local blueberries into a bubbly bite.

0img_8441You can buy both Ursa Major and Ursa Minor separate as an 8-ounce pour for $3, but here’s what the artists recommend: Order both contrasting brews and request a third pint glass. Take a taste of each to experience their individual glory and then let your inner scientist take over, mixing the blueberry ale and the chocolate porter into the third glass as you experiment with different proportions to form the Ursa Confundo, a blueberry chocolate porter. Whether you prefer it heavy on the porter or you fancy a stronger berry flavor, the Ursa combos can enchant a “thumbs up” vote out of any Beer City resident or visitor.

Jason Ley and Bri Kilroy with Ursa Project 2-packs.

Experience The Ursa Project during ArtPrize Eight at GRBC (1 Ionia Ave. SW) and discover which flavors win your favor. For those who want to bring the project home, a limited-time 2-pack of the pair, 22 ounces each, for $22 is available at GRBC.

It’s about time your taste buds get a say in the ArtPrize Eight finalists. After visiting the brewery, visit ArtPrize.org/64426 and show your love for The Ursa Project. #BeerIsArt




Bri Kilroy is a Grand Valley and AmeriCorps alumna who learned to type through vigorous Mavis Beacon trainings. She also passes as an artist, illustrator and author of this bio.



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