Stylish and Stunning: Trending Home Decor

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Today’s most exciting looks leave plenty of room for personal interpretation, so it’s easier than ever to seamlessly blend your personality with on-trend design elements.

Eye-Catching Detail

Utilize prominent design features that make no bones about attracting attention. Colorful woodwork in the kitchen, vibrant patterns such as marble countertops, jewel-toned textiles and bold details like nail-head patterns on furnishings are all evidence of a bolder style. The trick to creating a stylish statement is to blend elements carefully and avoid competing pieces.

The “Fifth Wall”

The ceiling represents an untapped opportunity with the power to completely transform your space. Vibrant colors, creative wallpapers and even wood cladding on ceilings all make a stunning statement, placing the“fifth wall” at the center of a room’s overall decor. Another must-have is skylights, which provide a connection to nature, whether it’s a view of the sky on a sunny day, treetops, a passing rainstorm or a starry night. Skylights provide balanced, natural light that can make colors appear truer while enhancing interior decor. Additionally, introducing natural light from above frees up wall space for cabinetry or artwork and make small rooms feel larger.

Beyond the aesthetic benefits, special features can enhance the practical use of skylights. For extra flair and light control, homeowners can add blinds, choosing from more than 100 colors and styles for a pop of color on the ceiling that echoes accent colors below. Many models also offer remote control operation to raise and lower blinds, and even open skylights to let in fresh air.

Texture, Texture, Texture

With everything from wallpaper to linens to artwork, texture brings appealing dimension to a room. As with color and patterns, don’t be afraid to mix and match for a unique look that blends different tactile elements for a space that is as pleasing to the fingertips as it is to the eye.

One-of-a-Kind Lighting

Whether it’s a chandelier made from brass pipes and Edison bulbs, a bedside light crafted from an old-fashioned radio or a Himalayan salt lamp, imaginative lighting is the perfect marriage of form and function while adding depth and charisma to your décor.

Smart Enhancements

Smart features and devices bring convenience to nearly every aspect of modern living. Be sure to consider which electronic features can be integrated into your smart home network. Whether it’s a smart thermostat that allows you to moderate the temperature with an app, a Roomba to keep your floors spick and span while you sleep or a smart lock to lock and unlock your door with your smartphone, treat yourself to the growing possibilities of home tech. Once the renovating is done, you can simply flip a switch and sit back to enjoy the stunning results of your effort.



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