Starting Your Naturopathic First Aid Kit

by Nicole Cain, MD, NA

Despite your best attempts at living a healthy lifestyle, illness and injuries are inevitable. The good news is that there are some pretty fantastic and powerful natural solutions to your everyday first-aid needs! Of course, in the case where you are not certain if the health issue is serious, it is always good to call your doctor or local hospital. When you make your first-aid kit, insert a laminated a card with the following information on the inside of the lid:

· The phone number: 911
· The phone number for poison control: (800) 222-1222
· The phone number and address to the nearest emergency department
· The phone number and address to the nearest urgent care
· A list of any medication allergies that you have
· The name and number to your in-case-of-emergency contact (ie: family member or friend who does not live with you.)

The best thing to use as a first aid kit is a caboodle. A caboodle is just the right size for everything you’re going to need, and the little compartments are perfect for holding the different remedies, bandages, gauze and anything else that might come in handy.

Now, let’s get started!

Stocking the Kit

Homeopathic Remedies to Start Your Home First Aid Kit  (30C potencies of each)

·      Ledum
·      Ruta
·      Rhus tox
·      Calendula
·      Chamomilla


·      Magnesium Citrate
·      Vitamin C

Topical Solutions

·      Traumeel Cream
·      Arnica Cream/ Gel
·      Calendula salve
·      Chamomilla Tea Bags
·      Aloe Vera Gel
·      Lavender Essential Oil
·      Similasin Homeopathic Eye Drops
.      Activated Charcoal Capsules
·      Castor Oil (to make a pack, also get a cheese cloth and heating pad and small bottle)


·      Band-Aid (variety of sizes)
·      Gauze
·      Cheese cloth
·      Gauze tape
·      Ace bandage
·      Tweezers (in case of splinters)
·      Small scissors
·      …..and any other items that you may desire!

Now that you have your kit started, lets’s explore how to use it.

Blunt Trauma/ Bruises

Bruises, aches and pains? Look no further!

Topical Creams/ Solutions

  • Traumeel Cream: Apply liberally to surfaces of non-broken skin as needed.
  • Arnica Cream: Apply liberally to surfaces of non-broken skin as needed.
  • Ice immersion: Elevate the injury and apply ice for 10-20 minutes and then take the ice off. Do this up to 5 times per day.

Homeopathic Remedies

  • Arnica: This is the go-to remedy if you have a bruise that is black and blue, swollen, sore and aching.
  • Hypericum: Hypericum is the premier remedy for crushing nerve injuries (think slamming finger in car door).
  • Ledum: Ledum helps puncture wounds that are purple, puffy, cold to the touch and better from cold applications, worse from warmth.
  • Ruta: Excellent for sprained ankles that feel weak. Try this if Arnica does not work.

Stings/ Bee stings/ Bug Bites

Let’s face it, getting stung by a bee or bitten by ants or even stepping on something sharp can be a real pain, but fortunately your first aid-kit carries some amazing natural solutions!

Topical Creams/ Solutions

  • Traumeel Cream: Apply liberally to surfaces of non-broken skin as needed.
  • Arnica Cream: Apply liberally to surfaces of non-broken skin as needed.

Topical Salves

  • Calendula Salve: Make sure this is applied only after the wound has started to heal, do not apply to open wounds as it may cause the outside to heal before the inside, leaving a pocket that might form into a cyst.

Irritated Eyes

There are some pretty amazing solutions for eye irritation out there–give the following remedies a try the next time you need some optical releif.

  • Similasin Homeopathic Eye Drops: Go to your local natural health food store and read the indications for each of their eye drop options and select the one that sounds like a good fit for your symptoms. Typically you need to apply the drops several times throughout the day for maximum benefit.
  • Chamomilla Tea Bags: Make a cup of chamomile tea, and then put the intact warm, wet tea bag over your closed eye. Lay on your back like you might if you were getting a facial with cucumbers over your eyes. Chamomilla can help reduce inflammation and heal conjunctivitis.


If you are suffering from diarrhea, you do not want to drive to the store to pick up medicine. Having these in your first-aid kit will save you a lot of suffering and get you feeling better in a jiffy.


  • Activated Charcoal: Great for diarrhea, will turn your stool black. Typical dose is: 250 mg up to three times in a 6 hour window.
  • Probiotics: At least 40 billion per day that has 4+ different strains of bacteria.
  • Diet: BRAT Diet: Bananas, rice, apples, toast.
  • Medications: Bismuth subsalicylate (Pepto-Bismol and Kaopectate)


In addition to drinking lots of water and making sure you are getting in exercise and all of your trace minerals, you can combat constipation with some excellent at home remedies.

Oral Solutions

  • Aloe Vera juice: Natural gentle laxative. Drink 1 cup of juice and wait an hour. If no movement, you may drink one cup per hour.
  • Magnesium Citrate: 400 mg in water, then wait 1 hour, if no movement, drink one cup per hour.
  • Vitamin C: 2500 mg with a large glass of water, then wait 1 hour, if no movement, take 2500 mg/hour.

Topical Solutions

  • Castor Oil Packs: Saturate a cheese cloth with organic castor oil, apply it to a non bleeding tummy, cover with heat and let the castor oil do it’s magic. You  may want to keep the pack on the tummy for at least 45 minutes. Gently massage in a clockwise rotation to encourage bowel activity.

Dr. Cain is a Naturopathic Doctor with an expertise in alternative treatments for bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety. She runs Health For Life Grand Rapids, a group of counselors and doctors who utilize a holistic approach to healing.



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