St. Cecilia Music Center Encourages Musicians to Submit Entries for ArtPrize

  • Changes in ArtPrize Voting Structure will give Music Entries a Strong Chance to Win ArtPrize Awards
  •  St. Cecilia Music Center in Grand Rapids continues as the ArtPrize 2014 Music Hub and will also contribute $10,000 for Music Awards in Five Genre Categories


St. Cecilia Music Center will continue its role as the Official ArtPrize Music Hub in 2014. St. Cecilia will once again award its own prize money to musical entries with five different genre prizes. Along with the chance for the $2,000 SCMC award, the changes in ArtPrize 2014 voting structure gives music a spotlight for public vote and jury vote awards.

Cathy Holbrook, Executive Director of St. Cecilia Music Center states, “This new voting structure for ArtPrize gives all of the artistic genres great focus. It will also result in some art, such as music, emerging in 2014 as important and popular entries into ArtPrize. I think everyone wins with this new process – the artists, the venues, and the public who will hear about, see and experience a versatile selection of artists.”

ArtPrize recently announced the decision to create a different structure to decide the winners of both the popular vote and the juried awards.  The new structure is that a “Final 20” instead of “Top 10” will be announced after two weeks of popular voting.  The “Final 20” will include the top 5 entries in the four different artistic categories of ArtPrize including 2-D, 3-D, installation and Time-based categories. The Time-based category is where musical entries are placed. Both the public vote awards and juried awards will include a $20,000 prize each in the four categories allowing a musical group or musician a great chance of winning an ArtPrize award in 2014.

In Addition, St. Cecilia Music Center will be raising money to present five $2,000 awards in the categories Rock/Blues; Folk/Country; Classical; Jazz and Pop/Electronic. Winners will be decided by popular vote via the ArtPrize website. Only entries at SCMC will be eligible for the St. Cecilia award money.

Holbrook adds, “We hope a musician or a musical group is selected within the “Final 20.” We’ll do our best to help showcase these artists throughout the city at the many Music Busking Stations, as well as at St. Cecilia Music Center’s Listening Stations where music entries are available for listening on iPods during all three weeks of ArtPrize.”

Music Entries will be eligible for the Performance/ Time-based popular vote award and juried award in the amount of $20,000 each.

Expanded Music Presence for ArtPrize 2014

A great new feature for the public during ArtPrize 2014 is additional Music Busking Stations throughout the city. Each Busking Station will have expanded performance hours and, at some of the locations, amplification of the music allowing for better sound and listening ability. The Music Busking Station locations will feature ArtPrize musicians performing every day and numerous times during the first two weeks of the event. The Music Busking Stations will serve as the performance element of this year’s ArtPrize event.

At each station, entered ArtPrize musicians will be able to display their voting number and perform for a public audience. Non-ArtPrize performances will not be permitted at these sites.

St. Cecilia Music Center’s Listening Stations will be open during the entire three weeks of ArtPrize from September 24 through October 12, 2014. St. Cecilia Music Center is located at 24 Ransom NE, Grand Rapids at Fulton St. and Ransom Ave. For more information contact St. Cecilia Music Center at 616-459-2224 or online at

FACT SHEET for entering a musical/performance piece:

How to register:

  • Go to to register through June 5. VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST select a category and ALL music entries should choose TIME BASED
  • Use Soundcloud to upload your song to your profile page
  • Tag your profile with the built-in tag of MUSIC
  • Request St. Cecilia Music Center as your venue
  • Monitor your email for incoming messages from St. Cecilia Music Center and from ArtPrize. There are various steps to completing your “connection” to SCMC as a venue. St. Cecilia Music Center will need to “accept” you, the artist, for its venue and then you need to “confirm” again. We recommend using a primary email address on your profile so that you receive communication from SCMC and ArtPrize to ensure you have completed registration and connection correctly.

Requirements for Entry:

  • The song or piece must be an original piece of music. More recent work is encouraged.
  • There must be a recording of the piece embedded on the ArtPrize website by the time ArtPrize begins. A professional recording of the piece must be provided to SCMC by September 1. You will need to use a media player from another website such as or for video and for audio. You can create a free account on one of those type of sites and then paste the embed code in the space provided on the Work Entry form. Questions regarding embedding can be answered at
  • Once you create your profile musicians should “connect” to St. Cecilia Music Center so requests can be seen.
  • You must pay the registration fee, which is $50 for solo artists and $100 for a “team” entry. A “team” entry would apply to a band wanting to promote under the band name.
  • One musician may not have multiple chances to win through various projects so an artist may only enter once, either as a solo artist or part of a band or group.
  • All groups will have the opportunity to perform live during the first two weeks at various official busking stations throughout the Grand Rapids area – first come first served at the stations which are organized through SCMC.
  • Detailed information on entering is available on the St. Cecilia Music Center website at

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