Spring Clean Your Relationships


by Megan Stubbs

Spring often motivates us to clean what is hibernating in unseen spaces. Whether it is clothing in the closet or chipped dinner plates that are eye sores, there is no doubt that removing what no longer serves you can create a sense of peace and wellbeing. This same concept can apply to your relationships. I’m not only speaking about you and your partner; consider using these tips when evaluating your relationships with friends or family members, as well. Are you ready to dive in?

Unsaid Conversations

Much like an elephant in the room, conversations that are left unsaid can cause a disconnect. If there are conversations that you need to have with someone, make time for them. Set aside time where you are both free and hash it out. Try to plan out how you want to express yourself without sounding accusatory and remember that your message should come from a place of respect. Ultimately, you’d like to resolve this issue amicably.

SpringCleanQuoteRemove What Isn’t Working

Are there things in your relationship that aren’t working? Are you constantly telling someone the same thing over and over without seeing results? Consider changing how you deliver your message. If you nag your partner about taking out the trash, maybe a simple change of leaving a post-it note on the door will help them remember. Whether it is an action or behavior, be creative in the ways you replace something that isn’t working.


Do you have a project that you need to advance? Are you consistently showing up late to dates or engagements? Is your cell phone attached to your hand? Not trying to guilt you here, but if these or other actions are not desirable, you have the power to change them. Try to be cognizant of what you are doing and make changes to get results you want to see. Complacency is common in relationships, but even more common with ourselves. Hold yourself accountable and see how the changes in yourself affect your relationship.

Do Something New

A relationship can get stale and that isn’t the fault of anyone. We get busy with our daily routines and sometimes we forget to keep things fresh. Find something new that you and your friend or partner can enjoy. Even if you two have extremely different definitions of what is fun, there is always a happy medium. Try to make a list of things you’d both like to try and see if there is an overlap. Creating new memories with others is a great way to keep things alive and interesting.

Remember, you get to decide what you want to have in your life and if something isn’t working, get rid of it! Create the change you would like to see. Embracing your relationships is much easier when there’s less negative energy and more room for enjoyment.


Dr. Megan Stubbs is a Sexologist, the job you never saw on career day. For insightful tips or a good laugh, find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and SexologistMegan.com




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