S’more than One Way

by WLM

Oh, those summer nights roasting marshmallows over the fire then slipping the delicious, gooey result onto a graham cracker topped with a piece of Hersey’s chocolate! S’mores are a tasty snack that harken back to the days (and nights) of yesteryear. We researched, experimented, concocted and taste-tested a S’moregesbord of flavors and ingredients to bring you five inventive, indulgent S’more recipes that will tingle your grown-up taste buds while recalling the campfires of your youth.

The Breakfast

Peanut Butter Bacon
Maple Syrup

Spread a spoonful of peanut butter onto the graham cracker and place a slice of bacon (broken in half) on the peanut butter. Perch your marshmallow, toasted to your taste, on the bacon and drizzle with maple syrup for a sweet and savory treat dripping with all of the most enticing flavors.

The Honey-Do


This scrumptious delight replaces the marshmallow with banana slices. Smother a graham cracker with Nutella, add four thin banana slices and top off with a dollop of honey for a simple, fresh and oh, so tasty snack.

The Caprese


Who says S’mores have to be sweet? This variation is satisfyingly savory. Toast two thin slices of French broad over flames for 30 seconds, and top one piece of the bread with a tomato slice and a piece of ham. Next, skewer a mozzarella ball and roast until it’s just starting to melt. Add the mozzarella to your creation, top with the other slice of bread and delight in the warm, delicious cheese melting over the ham and tomato.

The Summer Picnic

Blueberry Jam

Keep that French bread close and cut two more thin slices. Toast them over the fire for 30 seconds. Add blueberry jam to one slice and top with a piece of salami. Cut a small hunk of Brie and roast until it starts to melt. Place the Brie on the salami, top it with the other piece of toasted bread and indulge in these unsuspecting, complimentary flavors.

The Nightcap

Thin mint
Bailey’s Irish Cream

Class up your S’more and exchange the graham crackers for thin mints. Add a thinly sliced piece of strawberry to one of the thin mints, and toast a marshmallow over the flames to your liking. After the marshmallow is roasted to perfection, soak it in a small cup of Bailey’s Irish Cream for three minutes. When time is up, place the marshmallow on the strawberry and top with the second thin mint. The crisp, delectable mint taste paired with the smooth bite of Bailey’s and refreshingly sweet strawberry will leave your palate reeling.



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