“Seasoned” Greetings


by Rick Vuyst

I’m grateful for a month like January where after the busy months, I can become grounded and renewed for the seasons ahead. Before you know it, spring will be here. Winter is a good time to reflect and dream with new ideas for the warmer seasons to come, and to think of changes in your personal landscape and environment. Being surrounded by healthy plants both indoors and out is known to improve our daily lives.

To thumb through articles and look at pictures of landscapes, flowers and is a winter tradition. Maybe consider adding foliage plants to an indoor room. Sprouting new ideas in our surroundings is therapeutic. I read the other day that new ideas are just like babies—messy, confused but full of possibilities! January is a month for what I call “wet cement” ideas; curating and dreaming possibilities, but not yet writing them in stone. Maybe seed catalogs will plant a seed in your imagination. Visualize a change in your surroundings and landscape and dare to dream for this year!

If you are looking to add living plants to your home and office but don’t have a “green thumb,” you may want to consider Tillandsia. Tillandsias, or air plants, thrive off of, you guessed it, air! Tillandsias are low-maintenance plants that require little water and care. Most varieties do fine with a weekly misting. Larger plants should be dunked into water in a sink for 10 or 15 minutes a week. Bright light, but not necessarily direct sunlight, is recommended. The sun will produce color in the plant. After soaking the plant, drain the water out of crevices. Tillandsia will sometimes produce a bloom that will flower. They also produce pups, or “babies,” that create a whole other plant.

When using Tillandsias for terrariums or art projects, they cannot be used with potting soil or dirt (they are air plants). You can use sand, rocks, pebbles or bark chips. You can also creatively mount the plants on a wire frame, or glue them with a Tillandsia adhesive on wood such as a favorite piece of driftwood.

There is a plant for any season and any place, even in the dead of winter. A friend told me recently that plants aren’t that hard, you just have to think like a plant. They also make great friends during the long winter days indoors.

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Rick Vuyst is CEO of Flowerland, host of the Flowerland Show on NewsRadio WOOD 1300 and 106.9 FM as well as Mr. Green Thumb on WZZM TV 13.




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