Own It: Branding Yourself With Style

by Jennifer Deamud 

If you are in business selling products or services, you may realize that branding is critical to your success. Just as companies must establish a way for customers to recognize who they are, individuals can also benefit from developing a personal brand.

Showing your brand through your attire and accessories gives you additional confidence and comfort as you progress through your professional career.

Identify key aspects of your brand.

How exactly do you express your brand through your wardrobe? The first step is to identify your key qualities.

Here are a few tips to get your started:

  • Pinpoint two emotions you identify with. Are you inspired by opportunities and challenges? Do you approach things with a joyful attitude?
  • Come up with three adjectives that describe you. Get specific. For example, you would not want to use the word “great” to introduce a colleague to a potential employer. “This is Alex, and she’s great.” Instead, you would want to describe Alex with adjectives that truly relate to her. “This is Alex, she is the most creative and innovative person I have ever met.” The words you use to describe yourself need to fully convey your uniqueness. Are you organized? Community- oriented? Honest? Enthusiastic?
  • What colors can you add to your wardrobe that evoke your attributes? There are a number of charts available online that will provide you with alignment between colors and the emotions and adjectives you selected. These charts can be very helpful, but it’s up to you to decide how they fit with your brand. For example, when you think about inclusiveness, do you think about blue because it conveys honesty, calmness and faith?

Style it your way.

Once you identify the elements of your brand, you can start infusing them into your appearance and interactions.

  • Style: Assess your closet. Does your style emulate what you want people to remember about you? If you are creative, add a unique piece of jewelry to your daily attire. If you are bold and impactful, consider infusing primary colors into your wardrobe.
  • Social MediaReview your social media. Do your posts and images reflect your personal brand? If not, spend an afternoon removing anything that isn’t inline with what you want to communicate as you move forward.
  • Professional Presence: When you attend meetings or networking events, what attributes do you express to those you interact with? If you identified joyful as one of your primary emotions, do you leave every conversation on a positive note?

Embrace who you are.

The more you embrace your attributes, the more memorable you will be. Don’t forget to be true to yourself, and remember that authenticity and honesty are the qualities of every effective brand.

Jennifer Deamud

Jennifer (and her husband Dave) started an endowed scholarship at GVSU for students affected by their parents being incarcerated- “Be the Change” scholarship can be accessed at gvsu.edu.



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