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Zorbing, Anyone?

Imagine strapping yourself into a huge inflated plastic “Luna Ball” and rolling down a really big hill. You’ve just imagined yourself zorbing, the latest and greatest adventure for thrill seekers in west Michigan.

I admit I was terrified on my first zorbing adventure and screamed the entire way down the hill, but it was one of the coolest rides ever.  May sound extreme to some, but it was actually quite safe as I was strapped into the Luna Ball with a body harness, leg straps and cushioned by about a few feet of air between the inner and outer ball.

Because there were a few friends waiting at the bottom of the hill to catch the ball, I felt especially safe though all I could see was a whirlwind of ground and sky. This wacky, crazy ride, which can be taken dry or wet, has been nicknamed Orbing, Lunaball, Sphereing and Globe Riding.

With dry rides, up to 3 people can be strapped into the ball for a downhill ride. Alternatively, for wet rides, water is added to the ball and a solo rider gets splashed and tossed around the ball all the way down. Sold? Contact Lisa Neily Woods at Luna Ball in West Michigan (616) 403-7252.


Get Hip to MODLIFE

A local and rock-hard boot camp where mind body and wellness are the basis of several cool one-hour classes is certainly on trend. Located in the ultra-hip Celadon New Town Community, Modlife offers new students 50% off, plus a one hour health assessment, measurements and your army standard fit testing. If you’re a rock-hard mamma or you want to be, visit


IMAX: The Ultimate Experience

Perhaps I’ve been living in a bubble or tucked away in a cave but I had never experienced a movie in IMAX until now. The Celebration Cinema North IMAX Theatre is located in a private wing of the theater with its own vending and service station, and IMAX theatre geometry is designed to maximize your field view. You’ll feel fully immersed – like you’re IN the movie!

And I certainly did as a small transformer from “Dark Side of the Moon” darted right under my nose. Not only was the experience pretty cool but I also learned some interesting facts about our theatre. Did you know Celebration Cinema North has a 50’x70’ screen coated in a special silver paint, which directs the light reflected off of it for 3D films? There’s enough paint on the screen to paint three 3-bedroom houses. 3D is an acronym for 3 Dimensions and for an experience unlike any other, enjoy the IMAX Theatre at Celebration North this month.

Have a Ball at the Zoo

Boy did I have a BALL at the Zoo and it wasn’t because the lions were the mane attraction. My adventure included the Zip Line and Swan Boat rides, as well as the Sky Trail Ropes Course.

The Zip Line is a four-story, 300-foot rush where riders are securely harnessed before they go flying over the zoo-petting corral to another ridge. The Sky Trail Ropes Course is also four stories with two climbing levels that test your strength, endurance and determination.

And if you don’t have enough upper body strength to zip through the sky or climb the course, you can give your legs quite the workout on a Swan Boat ride. Six giant swans grace the park pond and two adults or one adult and two small children can paddle and race around the pond just outside the zoo. The prices are especially reasonable and Combo Tickets for the Zip Line and Ropes Course can be purchased for the low price of $11. This month you can double your pleasure, double your fun at John Ball Park Zoo.

Get Up & GIVE

Back that is… there’s no better way to be active than right here in our community and wants to help you do that.  With the mantra selfishly inspired to be selfless, Moreselfless is a faith-based initiative to bridge the gap between event creators, volunteers and those in need of help while providing a way for people to engage in good deeds, volunteerism and community involvement. Because we must be the change we wish to see in the world, I was pretty impressed with this organization and their commitment to bettering our village. Volunteering is cool!

So you think you can DANCE?!

Try a Localz Intensive Dance Class ( offered by freelance choreographer, teacher and master workshop instructor Yessy “Dance” Gomez. Special dance classes and workshops that range from Free Technique to Hip-Hop are offered for children and adults at venues like the Michigan Athletic Cub and the Moving Company in East Grand Rapids. Wednesday classes are $8 for adults at the Moving Company and $5 for children (ages 7-12) at Garfield Park Neighborhood Assoc. Bldg.  For more information two-step your way into her inbox at

Actively Doing Downtown

Want an amazing adventure less than a mile from your downtown loft or condo? Great! I have a couple of hip, hot and happening suggestions.

  • Higher Ground Rock Climbing – 851 Bond Ave. NW 49506 (774-3100) – offering the finest in vertical entertainment and located on the north end of downtown.
  • Easyrotor Helicopter – (888-885-7744) – See the town from above with a HelicopTOUR or an Aerial Romance adventure. See their ad on page 7 for current specials.Visit the website for flight schedule and to sign up for their newsletter.
  • Grand Rapids Sports and Social Club – 820 Monroe NW 49506 (541-5557) – a big city concept for young professionals offering Adult and Co-ed Sports Leagues. They currently offer Coed Kickball, Corn Hole, Ultimate Frisbee, Golf Scramble, Dodge Ball and Flag Football.


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