Must Have Apps for the Drink Enthusiast



This free app (with upgrade options) has over 8,000 recipes sorted by category, name, or liquors and mixers. Perfect for finding a last minute concoction when the store seems too far away. Pay extra attention to the bartending and technique tips to optimize your at-home mixologist skills.


Wine Ring

Let the technology of this free app narrow your palate preference for you. After enjoying a glass (or bottle) of wine, rate it according to your liking. The app takes your ratings and establishes a map of your taste preferences, and predicts wines for your enjoyment.



This free tracking app can monitor your drinking habits, alcohol expenses and caloric intake from alcohol. Aimed to encourage moderation, Drinkcontrol is a fantastic fit for those who are prone to having a few to many or who wish to limit their drinking budget.



For beer lovers seeking a way to connect to the beer community and organize their pints, this free app utilizes user reviews and specific brewer details on individual beers. Get an idea of one might taste like, keep notes, or share your experience on other social media platforms.

imbibeImbibe Magazine

Those who invest in a subscription to Imbibe Magazine have the privilege of enjoying the magazine’s invaluable on-the-go app: browse through articles, recipes, news, opinions, events and more (not limited to alcohol, either!). It’s the indulgent app for the liquid culture enthusiast.




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