Modern Day Woman from Day to Night

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by Ashley Petroskey

The Working woman wears many hats. 

She transitions from work to family time to social life and back again on a daily basis. These roles are all important parts of her identity. She needs to go effortlessly from a day full of meetings to a dinner date without compromising her sense of style. Below are tips to transition three focal areas: wardrobe, hair, and makeup.

The key is to choose clothing with versatility. A woman doesn’t have much time to change between the office and a night out. Plan ahead by wearing something that will work just as well at a trendy bar as it will a daytime lunch meeting. In this instance, dresses are a girl’s best friend. Pair a dress with a cardigan and flats during the day. For a children’s event, keep the cardigan and swap out flats for a pair of trendy casual shoes. This makes the look go from work to casual without losing style. For the evening, add platform heels and remove the cardigan. Wearing accessories packed ahead of time will add an extra pop to any nighttime outfit. A bold colored necklace or bright statement earrings will dress up a work outfit and will prepare for a night out on the town.

When it comes to hair, the high bun is a great way to make the transition from day-to-night. To achieve this look, first put hair into a high ponytail. From there, separate the pony into two sections and wrap the pieces in opposite directions around the hair tie and secure with bobby pins. Slick down any stray hairs, hairspray in place and the hair is ready for daytime meetings or a nighttime event. For a softer look, choose a low, loose bun that can work with wet or dry hair. Wrap hair loosely around a hair tie and secure with pins for a polished look. After work, let down the bun for soft, flowing waves.

If time allots, a blowout is also a fail-proof staple that will forever be sexy and appropriate in any setting. Keep a mini hair spray and a dry shampoo handy to keep this look chic throughout the day. If hair starts falling flat, use dry shampoo at the roots to add body and use hairspray to add volume.

Changing or re-applying makeup is another way to transition from day to night. Traditional daytime makeup is very muted and natural while nighttime makeup is all about expression. To go from natural to fun, play up either the eyes or lips. If dramatizing the eyes, use a soft black eyeliner pencil to line the top lids, then smudge to give it a smoky look. To add more drama, line your bottom lid as well. Touch up morning mascara to keep this look fresh throughout the night. This smoky eye look will give daytime makeup the addition it needs to transition to nighttime. If adding a smoky eye, keep the lips natural looking by adding a subtle pink, peach or nearly nude gloss.

For those who prefer dramatic lips, replace subtle lip color with something bolder or brighter. The hottest lip shades right now are bright fuchsia or bold red. Both colors will give an evening look without having to invest much time. Keep in mind too much eye makeup paired with bright lips tends to look a bit overdone and costume-like. To avoid this, keep the eyes nice and neutral and simply add a touch up of mascara to complete the balanced look.

A woman shouldn’t have to compromise appearance as she transitions between her many roles. Following these tips will give a modern, multi-tasking woman the confidence to look her best no matter what hat she is wearing!


Ashley started a cosmetics line, BC Cosmetics, which celebrates the idea that all women start as a Blank Canvas. She worked as a makeup artist in NYC and GR. Find BC Cosmetics on Facebook.




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