Mix Your Metals

By Michelle Krick

Mixing your metals and elements in your accessories is a fun concept that adds excitement to your wardrobe routine; combining silver, gold and rose gold,wood, rubber and more creates playful tones and an artistic look that is all yours. Here are some simple tips to get started:

  • Choose a dominant metal or element. For example, when stacking bracelets, 70 percent could be silver and 30 percent could be gold; or 60 percent wood and 40 percent gold.
  • Combine texture, like hammered, matte and polished, to create dimension and interest with your metals.
  • Keep it simple. When mixing metals or elements, choose one spot to mix (arm, ear, neck), and then the other locations should be either gold or silver to compliment.
  • Stack them! Stack rings or bracelets or layer necklaces to pull the mixed metal or mixed elements look together.
  • Start with a piece that is already mixed to help the look come together.  If your earring is silver and gold, then it’s easy to add a gold necklace or a silver ring.

Michelle Krick is a fashion expert,wardrobe stylists and personal shopper in West Michigan. To learn more, visit michellekrickstyle.com


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