Love at First Bite

by Chiara Licari

Chocolates by Grimaldi

Crafted into art of its own, chocolate has been presented to us in all forms, ranging from toffees to truffles. A heart-shaped box chock-full of treats is the traditional go-to for satisfying your cocoa cravings, but for a selection that feeds your palate’s specific desires, local chocolate shops offer authentic and delectable confections made by passionate chocolatiers that will leave you licking your fingers and your heart content.

Steve Laham, owner of Chocolates by Grimaldi in Grand Haven, is one of these chocolate artisans.

“Chocolate just makes everyone happy,” Laham said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or what your income tax bracket is.”

Give yourself the satisfaction of enjoying chocolate in its true form. Whatever your personality type, there is something for everyone.



Adhering to a vegan diet doesn’t mean you have to resort to anything less than spectacular. Mokaya’s exquisite vegan truffles are made with either coconut or almond milk, allowing for those with even the strictest of diets to indulge. 

Chocolates by Grimaldi


Salty or sweet? Chocolate covered potato chips from Chocolates by Grimaldi leave no room for questions. This classic savory snack remains crunchy and pairs wonderfully with its sweet cocoa butter companion.

Tamra Crampton and son Max Golczynski, owners of Mokaya


For those who are looking for something new and want to get a little bite out of their chocolate, truffles with cinnamon and chili pepper will do the trick. Mokaya’s Thai Basil Black Pepper Truffle is one for the brave at heart, putting you “outside of your comfort zone” as Mokaya general manager Max Golczynski says.

Chocolates by Grimaldi


An Oreo cookie dipped in dark chocolate with mint cream drizzled on top is nothing short of heaven. Allow the refreshing mint garnishing the bitter taste to envelope your taste buds into a world of its own. Milk chocolate covered cookies topped with sprinkles are also a marvelous treat that will bring you back to childhood summers.



Chocolate complemented with the ultimate drink pairing makes for a ravishingly rich experience. Between Mokaya’s chocolate flights paired with local brews and Grimaldi’s Himalayan Sea Salt Bark savored with a glass of red wine, the possibilities are endless and enticing.

Chocolates by Grimaldi

Creature of Habit

Reaching for the same chocolate bar every time isn’t a bad thing. Grimaldi’s 54% dark chocolate is like biting into your mother’s chocolate chip cookies. Buttery Caramels are also a wonderful choice that melt in your mouth and leave a lingering sweetness unlike any other.

Chiara Licari is a Writing and Advertising/Public Relations double major at GVSU venturing out in West Michigan and getting a taste of the writing life.  



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