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by Kate Branum | photography by Two Eagles Marcus

ArtClub offers participants an in-depth way to participate in the annual art extravaganza.

In a few short weeks, the city will be abuzz with thousands of excited art enthusiasts and talented creators from all around the world, eager to watch the heart of downtown Grand Rapids transform into a diverse, multi-media gallery. ArtPrize is back and ready to spark conversation.

Now in its ninth year, the annual public art event is set to begin Thursday, Sept. 20 with more than 1,300 fresh masterpieces created by international, national and local artists. With 176 venues to explore in just 19 days, the ArtPrize team has offered a variety of options to kick start your journey, including an ArtClub membership.

Launched in 2013, ArtClub was created to build a connection between artists, professional critics and art lovers by promoting participation in ArtPrize and involving the community more deeply in the event.           

“ArtClub was really created to be a bridge,” Kristian Grant, Donor Development Manager for ArtPrize explained. “We have all these different groups that are a part of the club; we have artists, we have sponsors who hang out at the (ArtPrize) Clubhouse, and we also wanted to include our guests to have a way to feel connected all year long, as well as have an exclusive experience during ArtPrize.”

Joining the ArtClub has it’s perks; not only are members supporting the artists, venue managers and programs that make ArtPrize happen each year, but they also have the opportunity to attend exclusive on-and-off-season ArtPrize events, a members-only invitation to the Grand Rapids Art Museum on Fridays and Saturdays during ArtPrize and access to the ArtPrize Clubhouse to unwind and recharge at any time during the busy event.

“Throughout ArtPrize, we will also be hosting member-only events at the Clubhouse that gives them an inside view into what is happening,” Grant shared. “We also host a Happy Hour at the Clubhouse every day that provides snacks and drinks. It’s a great place to hang out, log into Wifi and get some air.”

There are different memberships levels of the ArtClub, each with the same perks. Students and artists can join for $30, a single member for $40, a couple for $60 and a household for $75. Participants can easily register for a membership through the ArtPrize website (, or by stopping by the Clubhouse at 50 Louis NW, 7th Floor, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

“We also wanted to include our guests to have a way to feel connected all year long, as well as have an exclusive experience during ArtPrize.” Kristian Grant, Donor Development Manager for ArtPrize

This year, the ArtPrize team has developed a new membership level called ArtClub Love. This option allows participants to enhance their membership by “adding love” to unlock additional perks, including guest passes to the Clubhouse, priority seating at ArtPrize Studio events and discounts at the ArtPrize Hub retail store.

ArtClub Love members can choose to put their membership dollars toward artists for $50, venues for $100, the city for $250 or the entire event for $500.

“It’s really great for supporters of ArtPrize who have extra funds to give,” Grant stated. “It’s also great for small business owners who want to help their businesses shine.”

ArtClub members will be invited to begin their ArtPrize experience before the crowd rolls into town with a brunch and mimosa networking event at the Clubhouse, followed by an exclusive tour of the year’s most anticipated exhibits.       

Aside from studying journalism at Grand Valley State University and interning at WLM, Kate Branum enjoys writing, reading and all things art. Reach out to her at:



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