Holiday Bundle of Beauty

BundleBeautyby Ashley Petroskey

Finding a balance between personalized and simple gifts can be tiring, but when it comes to the women in your life, creating a beauty bundle is simple and sincere. Giving gifts that show genuine appreciation take time and thought, but shouldn’t cause stress or tribulation. This gift idea filled with mini trinkets is fun to give during the holidays, especially to beauty lovers. Analyze her interests, her color palette and her beauty style, and tailor accordingly. Instead of buying her items that take up space and leave her unimpressed, feel proud of giving her a thoughtful bundle of beauty!

Soothing Bubble Bath

My favorite is lavender and vanilla. There is nothing more relaxing than sliding into a bubble bath in the cold months of winter.

DIY Sea Salt Spray For Your Hair

This is a simple and useful option to give any woman. You’ll need one spray bottle, five parts warm water and one part Epsom salt. Mix in the spray bottle. When sprayed on damp hair and scrunched, a wavy, beachy texture ensues.

New Lip Color

This goes without saying, but every woman loves a new lip color to kick off the holidays. Lip gloss options are fabulous, too. Choose a color she hasn’t tried yet, or stick with a color you know she’ll need soon.

Beautyblender Duo Set

Any beauty-obsessed girl in your life will go bananas if she finds this in her stocking. Toss the outdated foundation application brushes, and introduce the do-it-all Beautyblender sponge. It’s a must-have for all the beauty junkies out there.

Hand Cream

A simple and soothing hand cream can do wonders for the skin, especially during the cold months. This is a great go-to that will never go unused.

Heated Eyelash Curler

Go for glam. If you haven’t tried one yet, you are missing out. A heated curler is powered by AAA batteries and will slowly and safely curl the lashes to your desired shape.

Favorite Scent In A Candle

Many of the latest perfume lines are also coming out with candles as an option. If you know she has a favorite scent, it would the perfect bonus to the soothing bubble bath.

Travel Sizes

Purchase her the travel size of her favorite skincare line. This gift is fun and also practical, perfect for any last minute trips. She will be very thankful for it later!

DIY Coconut Oil Scrub

We’ve all heard the rage about coconut oil. The scrub is a simple recipe that will last a long time. Combine 1/4 cup granulated sugar and 1/2 cup coconut oil, and gift it in a re-sealable glass jar. This recipe is rejuvenating and moisturizing, perfect for the mid-winter months.

Nail Polish

It’s the one thing that never goes out of style and women of all ages enjoy it.

Start with these items, and personalize your way to a bundle of beauty. Tie a few items together for a sample size and slip it in her stocking, or buy a basket and give a full version. The women in your life will appreciate a gift that allows them to pamper and primp their looks.


Passionate about anything beauty and all things style, Ashley worked as a makeup artist in NYC and GR and is also a sales consultant and marketing professional at WLM. Ashley loves helping small businesses grow and making women feel beautiful.



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