Halloween Makeup Techniques

Halloweenby Ashley Petroskey

Growing up, I admired October; I knew the day for costumes and imagination was approaching. I recall being the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz, ecstatic about painting my entire face green and pretending to be the most evil woman I could muster up the courage to be. As I age, I still embrace this exciting, creative holiday America has commercialized. One of my proudest adult costumes was dressing up as Sarah Palin; I was able to throw on my favorite glasses, pull up my hair, add drama to the makeup, speak with an accent and slip into a sexy business dress. It was creative, it was fun and I had the opportunity to be someone entirely different for the evening. Even if the true meaning of the day has been lost in translation, why not participate with a unique getup?

On Halloween, both kids and adults are able to dress freely without the weight of societal expectations holding them back. The makeup and clad of the holiday is dramatic and bold. There is an art behind a tasteful, complete Halloween look. Take your time and create a plan to ensure your costume, whether frightening or charming, is beautiful.

 Here are a few tricks to master two popular costumes for women. Feel free to apply the makeup techniques to other costumes, as well.

 The Prowling Feline

Halloween1The cat costume is a classic, affordable and easy look to master. Prep the skin fully and apply a tinted moisturizer. Make sure the color matches your skin tone – that is key to a successful makeup foundation. Next, apply a shadow primer on the lids (choose a taupe shade just lighter than your skin color). For shadow, it’s best to choose two colors. One will be the all-over lid color, and one will be the accent crease color. It’s also great to choose a third and apply just to the outer edge of the lid. This will make the look darker, so if you want to keep it natural, just use the two colors. The next step is the most important: the cat eyeliner! Start with a gel liner in black; draw a thin line across the entire lash line. After you have the entire upper lash lined, add a “wing” with your liner. It is important to follow the shape of the eye, so try to do it in one simple hand motion. Once you’ve perfected the liner, add dark, bold lashes. This look is really all about the eyes, so play it up as much as possible. Use your boldest red lipstick on the tip of your nose for the perfect red pop. Don’t forget the whiskers (try three on each cheek). Lastly, add a subtle lip-gloss to finish off the look.

The Timeless Princess

This costume is another favorite. It allows women to let go of any fear of bold colors and have fun! Embrace the bright blues, purples and pinks. I like to start with a shadow primer and add a shimmery base across the entire lid. This will allow you to brighten up the look and is beautiful as it catches the light. Next is to add a light peach, cream or bronze (depending on your skin tone) across the lid along with a little glitter. Bring the fun colors to the outer edge of the lid. This will give you the pop of color, without the ’80s look. Once you’ve finished the eyes, add lashes if you’d like. It isn’t necessary for this look, but always an option as you play up your character. I recommend a tinted moisturizer and a pop of warm, ruby or fuchsia color on the cheeks. Don’t be shy with the blush. All princesses have a rosy look to their cheeks, and it will help you look awake throughout the evening. A pretty pink gloss partners well.

 Regardless of the costume you choose this year, I hope you master your look and let go of any restrictions. Dress in something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Don’t shy away from color, and embrace the features that make it unique to you. Welcome the opportunity to be someone different, just for one evening!


Passionate about anything beauty and all things style, Ashley worked as a makeup artist in NYC and GR and is also a sales consultant and marketing professional at WLM. Ashley loves helping small businesses grow and making women feel beautiful.



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