Five Ways to Live a More Dynamic Life

by Elyse Wild 

Be Open

The world in which we live is vast and teeming with potential adventures, experiences and passions just waiting to be to be had. Meet it halfway! Study a new language. Take painting classes. Start a travel checklist. Learn how to play a musical instrument. Imagine the rich possibilities of life when you step forward and welcome new experiences with gusto instead of fear. You never know what will speak to your soul and light a fire in your heart until you try it!

Cherish Friendships

Fill your life with diverse groups of people. The relationships and interactions you surround yourself with inform how you relate to the world. From the person you say hello to in your building every morning to your co-workers right next to you, there is a friend to be had in everyone. Friendship is a profound teacher; it reveals strengths you never knew you had and helps you find areas where you can improve. Maybe your motivation is infectious and uplifts others to pursue their goals. Perhaps one of your close friends is a profound communicator, and you realize you need to build up your listening skills. Everyone has something to offer you, and you, in turn, have something to offer everyone.


Connect with the world around you. Put your heart into your community, and offer whatever you have to give, whether it be your time, treasures or talents. If you think something is missing in your town, ban together with others to create it. Engage with people on an individual level. Even when you have the simplest exchange with another person, make eye contact, listen intently and speak from your heart. When you have time to yourself, turn your phone off and do something that gives you joy —  read, cook, draw. Whatever it is, allow yourself to be fully present; immerse yourself in the wonder of words, smell the enticing ingredients simmering in the pan, feel the satisfying weight of the pencil in your hands and let your soul fill with pleasure.

Mentor Yourself 

Mentors provide guidance, forgiveness and acceptance. Be your own mentor and look for the lesson when things don’t feel right. If you’ve made a mistake, talk to yourself as you would someone else who made the same misstep and is seeking feedback. Accept that there will be times in life when you will have to forgive yourself and do it with the grace you would bestow upon another.

Be Fearless

The power of fear is only surpassed by the confidence gained from overcoming it. If the idea of something makes you nervous, chances are there is much to be gained by facing it. Tackling things that give you butterflies builds an unwavering tenacity that will serve to bring you down the most satisfying paths in life.

“Do something today that you think is too delicious, too selfish, too wacky to fit within the rules of your life.”

– Martha Beck

Elyse Wild

When she is not editing for WLM, Elyse enjoys traveling to far off lands, enjoying live music, and practicing kung fu. She is also the owner of Your Story, a personal biography writing service for senior citizens.



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