Fashion In The Gym

by Azizah Hines
photography by Allie Reid


It’s March and the gym is crammed with people working toward a common goal, looking good and forming healthy habits and working off all of the great food in our Foodie edition. When heading to the gym, don’t pull on your boyfriend’s shapeless sweatpants and oversized t-shirt. Instead, put some thought into what you wear. It will motivate you to get fit. The same rules that apply to your everyday wardrobe apply to your gym attire. If you look good, you’ll feel good too.

You may think, “Why not throw on some old clothes; I’m just going to sweat in them?”

Well, let’s be honest with ourselves. You have just finished working out. If you look in the mirror and see a sweaty, shapeless mess staring back at you, you are not going to feel very good about what you just spent the last hour struggling through.

Whether you have five… or fifty pounds to lose, you can still find well designed, flattering workout gear that makes you feel confident, sporty, and ready to sweat.

Kimberly Olson, affectionately known as FitKim, says that wearing something that fits well will lead to a positive mind-body connection, increasing confidence and motivation. FitKim recommends trading your sloppy sweats for dark colored yoga pants or compression pants. The smooth line of these pants can flatter any shape and are stretchy enough to wear when working out.  When selecting a top, choose a tank with a built in sports bra that gives you a lift. If you are self conscious about your belly, find a tank that flares out beneath the bust. These tops provide support for your chest, while hiding your extra curves. You can also layer your look with a fitted hoodie. Cast it off when temperatures start to rise.

Holly_&_Kim_Photo_Shoot_026 (1)


FitKim also suggests setting small fitness goals for yourself, goals that you can accomplish in two to four weeks. When you accomplish these goals reward yourself with something other than food. Instead, pick out a new pair of yoga pants or cute tank top. If you’ve had your eye on a great outfit, snatch it up once you reach your goal.

Workout clothes that fit allow you to see the progress that you are making. You will start to SEE your arms becoming tone, and SEE the inches melting away from your waist. You will have visual confirmation of the fruits of your hard work. If your clothes are baggy to begin with, you might not notice a difference. Sweating in style will motivate you and give you the boost you need!



Azizah Hines is a Sales Specialist for Teva Women’s Health. When she is not working she is cheering her daughters on at their various activities. You might find her at a fashion show on a Friday night and an Astronomy viewing on a Saturday night… mixing it up keeps  her life interesting.