Fashion Forward

by Abigail Danian

The integration of technology into the fashion world has resulted in a myriad of products that marry functionality with aesthetics. If you want to add a touch of innovation to your wardrobe this spring, look no further.

Breathe Easy and Live Well

If you are looking for something outside-of-the-box, check out Leaf by Bellabeat.  Not only does it perform the traditional functions of smart accessories, but it also provides stress relief through built-in breathing exercises. This versatile little gem can be worn as a necklace or bracelet or can clip right onto your clothing. Visit for their selection ranging from $119 to $288.

High-Tech Airbag “Helmet” Saves Hair

Do you love to bike to work but aren’t crazy about having helmet hair all day?  Hövding offers a trendy solution; the Swedish company has developed a collar that inflates into an airbag helmet upon impact. Skeptical? According to a report published by Stanford, the level of protection provided by the Hövding collar far exceeds that of a traditional bicycle helmet. Units are priced around $300, with fashionable patterned covers available for just over $50. Available for purchase at

One Smart Bra

If you like the idea of the FitBit or Apple Watch for performance tracking, consider the world’s first “smart bra.” Developed by Omsingal, OmBra tracks your heart rate and breathing from your core and uses unique algorithms to provide personalized feedback. Visit to purchase the starter kit for $140.

Bling that will Bring Help!

WiseWear offers a gorgeous GPS enabled smart cuff that includes a panic button linked to emergency contacts. In addition to this handy safety feature, the cuff tracks the wearer’s activity and provides mobile notifications for incoming calls, text messages and calendar events. Collections are available in gold, rose gold or palladium, and range from $295-$345. Visit

Abigail Danian

Abigail Danian is the owner of Audrey Lane Boutique and Consignment and is a wife and mother of 3.  Abigail resides in Rockford, Michigan. Photo courtesy of Kait.Cole Photography & Design.



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