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Monica’s Gourmet Cookies – Fine ingredients, pure flavor, distinctive texture, sophisticated appearance and OH SO LOCAL! We love Monica’s Gourmet Cookies. These cookies are not only a pleasure to look at, but are a guilty pleasure to savor every time you enter Knapp’s Corner D&W. Monica’s gourmet collection of cookies was born while she was confined to bed rest during a high-risk pregnancy. Perhaps that is why the various flavors of the cookies are so deliciously intriguing. The White Chocolate Almond Macadamia, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip and Carmel Rock are all tastefully complex and worth every bite. Shop now at www.monicasbest.com or stop into your local Spartan store today.

CHERRY REPUBLIC – Open a special delivery of delicious cherry products wrapped in a gift box that includes a pine cone, shred of birch bark and sprig of cedar and you will have entered a whole new world. While February was National Cherry month, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy some fantastic products from a place where life, liberty, beaches & pie reign supreme. Believe it or not, Cherry Republic was started 22 years ago with a t-shirt being sold out of the trunk of a car. They now sell over 174 different products including their tasty Cherry Crunchy Maple Granola and Chili Chocolate Covered Cherries. Talk about a conversation starter at your next house party. And if you really want to impress your co-workers, consider treating them to a Women’s LifeStyle Magazine Favorite, Organic Cherry Chipotle Salsa (8 oz. jar $5.95) and Cherry Tortilla Chips (8 oz. bag $6.95). It only costs $5 to ship a box of goodies so go ahead and show someone you “cherr-ysh”, that “life’s a beach” with Cherry Republic.

True or False?
Joseph Joseph is a contemporary kitchenware company founded in 2003 by twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph?
TRUE. Combining their respective experience in product design and business, Joseph Joseph is now internationally recognized for producing some of the most stylish and technically innovative products on the market. Foodies all over the world have embraced the creative and colorful products making Joseph Joseph one of the fastest growing companies in the housewares market worldwide. Their extraordinary knack to match form and function has earned them International recognition for their multiaward winning designs. I really like Pie, their striking 60-minute Kitchen Timer, that takes the guesswork out of cooking. You simply twist the top half of the unit to gradually reveal an easy to read analogue dial. When your dish is complete, a buzzer will ring to let you knowdinner is served. The unit has a silky, soft touch finish, does not require batteries and is available in a range of trendy colors. The Pie Timer is $14 and along with many other new Joseph Joseph products can be explored and purchased locally at Rylee’s ACE Hardware.

True or False?
There is an ultra-fab new tea on the market JUST FOR HER that helps with common symptoms associated with Menopause.
TRUE. HELPS Just for Her is a combination of sage, lemon balm and alfalfa to help make you feel refreshed, relaxed and good as new. I am enthralled with everything about this swanky line of teas. HELPS Teas is a part of Pharmadus, a Spanish leading pharmaceutical company delivering high quality, all natural products, providing good health and well-being for over 50 years. The company has an adult and children’s line that has superb flavors with medicinal properties. HELPS Green Tea is good for great looking hair, skin and nails. The entire line consists of 7 different teas from Organic R&R to Low Sugar diets and cost less than 5 bucks. HELPS Teas also has a super cool list of signature cocktails for the foodie who wants to make an impression at her next soiree. Try the Double Tea-zzer to triple please your guests.

True or False?
You can safely enjoy a signature cupcake in Grand Rapids with three types of liquor including beer, whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Crème?
Uuum Yeah! So True. Local sensation Metro Cupcakes is bursting onto the scene with tons of new flavors on an age-old favorite. With the uber-cute slogan: “Keep calm, there’s nothing a cupcake can’t solve,” they have five “signature” cupcakes that are incredible including the Van apple, Blue Haven and Bumpy Rapid Cake. All of their cupcake offerings are made with a true Italian meringue butter cream which is less sweet than traditional “butter cream.” But that’s not all; they even have a metro cupcake for the “metro sexual” man in your life called the Laker Stout. This is a rich dark chocolate cake baked with Founder’s “Breakfast Stout” filled with chocolate whiskey crème and finished off with Bailey’s infused Italian meringue butter cream. Baked fresh daily, these cupcakes are nothing short of amazing. Currently Metro operates out of a commercial shared kitchen with hopes of future growth into a storefront. Metro Cupcakes are available by on-line ordering for pick-up or delivery and can be purchased at Art of the Table, 606 Wealthy Street. It’s perfectly safe to have a delectable Laker Stout cupcake for lunch today.

True or False?
The definition of the Spanish word Corazon is “courageous woman?”
FALSE. While it does take a lot of “Corazon” to be courageous the true meaning of the Spanish word is heart. And I totally “heart” Corazon Taqueria Café in the Heartside district. Corazon has a fresh and unique approach to Spanish fare. The food is so innovative and delicious, it can only be described as modern Mexican fusion. If you don’t believe me, stop by 122 South Division today and order a mouthwatering Squash Taco made with honey and feta cheese or tasty salmon fish taco with roasted red peppers and cilantro aioli. The pesto chicken and beef brisket tacos are also awesome, affordable and always available. Because Corazon is also home to Afternoon Delight catering, the menu also includes sandwiches, salads and vegetarian options. The owners, Andy and Ryan, pride themselves in offering top-notch corporate catering, and using local, available, additive-free foods. And, because they “heart” the community so much, patrons should look forward to Corazon bottling their smoking hot sauce and salsa. They are planning an outdoor garden to grow their own tomatoes, basil, cilantro and peppers. Experience Corazon today, I know you’ll just LOVE it.

True or False?
Fair Trade Practices in Kenya create beauty for your home?
OH SO TRUE – Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Acacia Creations takes recycled and reclaimed materials and artfully crafts them in gorgeous household décor. Whether its recycled magazines crafted into one of a kind bowls and coasters or tableware from the Olive Wood Collection, these creations add a colorful and cultural flare to your dinner table. The Double Olive Wood Bowl and Spoon is one of my personal favorites and retails for an economical price of $17.50. Finished with a food-safe sunflower oil, olive wood products are water-resistant and durable. Beautifully created and worth every penny. You can feel good knowing your purchase is directly benefiting the artist who made it. Acacia Creations pays its 21 employees a percentage of total sales in addition to the artists monthly salary, earning them five times the national average in Kenya. These unique pieces are an affordable way to add personality to your home. Acacia Creations are available at select retailers nationwide and online at www.acaciacreationsstore.com.

True or False?
Eating an Apple a day will prolong your hospital stay?
FALSE. Every foodie knows “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” and the best foodies know that the start of the Piñata Apple season is underway. Known for their famous fruit, Piñata is a new apple variety in Washington State by Stemilt Growers. Though these mouth-watering apples are typically harvested in mid-October, the season really starts in January. These apples not only taste great but they perform exceptionally well in the kitchen, making it ideal for any favorite healthy apple recipe. Experience Piñata apples at its peak flavor and purchase some today at any Meijer store in your neighborhood today.

SOLO CUP COMPANY – Recreate nostalgic moments with Solo Cup company and set some new traditions of your own with their BARE Paper Products line. Food, family, festivities and fun characterize the holidays. With every passing decade, trends in decorating, entertaining and food evolve to reflect a bold, new generation. Solo products have changed with the times and now they offer new eco-forward convenience tableware called BARE (Bringing Alternative Resources for the Environment). The products look amazing with earthy, green décor and what’s more, your guests will love your cute but conscious serving style!

As Seen on TV – Bake Pops! Is the next craze in desserts for the foodies that like to live on trend. You can make and decorate 18 perfect bite-size cake pops for birthdays, holidays or anytime right in the comfort of your own home. Similar treats can cost a fortune at the bakery and you loose the privilege of individual innovation. This is such a fun and worthwhile activity for the aspiring pastry chef or the mom who wants to spend some sweet quality time with her little ones. The package includes a Bake Pop Pan, reusable pop-sticks, wrap and ties, a decorating guide and a squeeze bottle. Pop ‘Em, Dip ‘Em, decorate and devour them by visiting www.bakepops.com.


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