Dog-Gone Grrrrreat Howl-iday Gift Ideas

by Beth McEwen

West Michigan loves its small businesses, and what better time to explore our amazing local shops than the holidays? This month, we tap into the expertise of Alli McDonough, owner of downtown Grand Rapids dog boutique Fido & Stitch, to help create a holiday gift guide for all the dogs and dog lovers in your life.


Stocking Stuffers: Zuke’s Puppy Naturals Training Treats ($6.50). These bite sized soft treats are perfect for training and are healthy for your growing puppy.

Treat your pup to Kong Wubba for never-ending playtime ($10-$14)

Main Gift: Kong Snugga Wubba ($10-$14) .These soft fun toys are good for tug-a-war or to snuggle with during crate time.

Spoiler: Up Country Collar & Leash Matching Combo ($17-$23 each). These collar and leash combos come in fun and colorful designs that will make your puppy feel all grown-up.


Stocking Stuffers: BilJac Soft Treats ($6.50). These soft and tasty treats will be easy for you older dog to chew and enjoy.

Pet Naturals Hip & Joint Supplement ($16) will ease your old furry friend’s sore joints.

Main Gift: Pet Naturals Hip & Joint Supplement ($16). Help your dog’s tired and achy joints with these all natural supplements with a burst of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Spoiler: Bowser Pet Products Custom Oslo Ortho Bed ($115 – $250). Spoil your senior dog with a luxury orthopedic bed that you can even customize to match your home décor.

Small Breed

Stocking Stuffers: SoJo’s Good Dog Small Treats ($8). Small, grain-free, bone-shaped treats perfect for those little pups that like a big crunch.

Keep your small dog toasty and stylish this winter with a Chilly Dog Sweater ($34-$38)

Main Gift: Chilly Dog Sweater ($34-$38). Many smaller dogs get a bit chilly in the fall and winter months. Keep them toasty with a hand-knit sweater in a fun design.

Spoiler: FouFou Dog Poochy Pouch ($50-$55). Take your little pup-on-the-go with you in this fun and versatile pouch you wear like a front facing backpack.

Tough Chews

Stocking Stuffers: Himalayan Chew ($9-$19). These all natural, milk based chews are made with an ancient hardening method, making them easy on the tummy,  tasty and long lasting.

Benebone Nylon-based Chew ($11-$18). These nylon-based chews are a great alternative to a nylabone, as there is more flavor and they are shaped to make chewing easier.

Main Gift: Fluff & Tuff Plush Toy ($10-$22).  Made with a nylon netting liner and double stitched from the inside, making them tough for event the most tenacious chewer to bite through. Though not indestructible, they will definitely last longer than typical plush toys.

Keep your chewer occupied for hours with Goughnuts Tough Chewer Toys ($25-$40)

Spoiler: GoughNuts Tough Chewer Toys ($25-$40). These tough chew toys are made for those kinds of dogs that just chew through everything. They are made of solid tough rubber, and once you see red (which is the inner rubber) you can simply send it back and the company will send you a new one.

Couch Potatoes

Stocking Stuffers: Huxley & Kent Bow Tie ($6). These fun bow ties will make any dog look dapper.

Stimulate your lazy pooch with the Pet Safe Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Toy ($10-$20)

Main Gift: Pet Safe Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Toy ($10-$20). This will encourage your dog to get moving by enticing them with a tasty rawhide treat in between bristles and rubber rings. Great for dental health.

Spoiler: Pet Cooling Mat ($48-$74). Those lazy dogs sure are extra lazy during hot summer months, keep them cool with one of these self-cooling mats.

Dog Lovers

Stocking Stuffer: Dog Speak Mug ($10). Start your day with a warm cup of coffee in one of these charming mugs that reads “Dog Mom,” “Dog Dad” or “No Love Like Dog Love.”

Keep your dog treats classy in Harry Barker Dog Food Tins ($50-$60)

Main Gift: Harry Barker Dog Food Tin ($50-$60). These classy and decorative tins come in sizes that hold anywhere from a 6 to a 40 lb bag of food.

Spoiler: Soggy Doggy Rug ($85). These rugs are perfect to put in front of a slider door or entryway, where dogs are bound to come in after a muddy or wet adventure outside.

Beth McEwen

Beth McEwen, owner of Mind Your Manners Dog Training, has been working with dogs and their families for almost 20 years. Learn more at



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