DIY Beach Bag

by Hillary Wild

Summer is finally here, and that means it is time to feel the soft sand under our feet, dip our toes in the sparkling waves and lie out and glisten in the Michigan sun at the beach. Here is a no-sew DIY to soak up the sun in impeccable style. A beautiful bag is a must-have to tote all of your beach day necessities!

For the Beach Bag you will need approximately 3/4 yard of medium weight fabric, fabric glue (Fabri-tac by Beacon works well), scissors and measuring tape. Be sure to follow the instructions for the glue you choose! Some require an iron and some do not.

1. Lay fabric flat with the right side facing up; apply fabric glue to the left and right edges of the fabric.

2. Fold the fabric in half so that the glued edges meet.

3. Press the edges forming the seams of the bag; the bag should be inside out for this step.

4. After seams are secure, turn right-side out.

If a smoother edge for the top of bag is desired, follow step 5.

5. Glue around top edge

6. Fold over, approx. 1/4 inch

7. Press seam together to secure

For 2-inch-wide handles, you will need the desired length of fabric, 8 inches wide.

1. Lay fabric flat, wrong side facing up

2. Apply glue to the longer edges of the fabric

3. Fold each side of the fabric width-wise so they meet at the center evenly

4. Press the folded fabric together completely to secure

5. Apply glue to the ends of the handles, and fold inward

6. Press together to secure the ends, creating a seam and clean edge

7. Finally, apply fabric glue generously to the handles running the entire length and fold inwards, creating clean smooth edges and seam

8. Press together to secure

9. Find where you want your handles to hang on your bag, be sure they are even on both sides of bag

10. Apply glue to the end of the handles that will adhere to the bag

11. Press handles to the bag to bond and secure

Your bag is complete and ready for sporting at the beach!

Hillary Wild is a photography, DIY and craft addict pursuing her BA in English at Grand Valley State University.



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