Discover Your Authentic Self

by Scarlett Longstreett

This April, as you are reveling in earth’s annual period of renewal, follow suit and seize the opportunity for your own personal reawakening. Spend this spring tapping into who you are! The following six questions will help you connect to your true self and show you what your most fulfilling life looks like.

1.What would you do if you knew no one would judge you?

Consider what you would be doing if there were no repercussions, obstacles or limitations standing in your way. Success and fulfillment are not always synonymous; our jobs might speak to our practical needs, but might not necessarily serve our passion. The dream you have that won’t go away is worth pursuing!

While quitting your job and becoming a film star might not be in the cards, there are steps you can take toward living a life of contentment. Nurture your interests by taking a class, volunteering or allocating a few hours a week to immerse yourself in what you care about most.

2.What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Think about the moments you are most proud of, those you deem your greatest successes. Doubt and fear of rejection can stifle your ability to live boldly, so take stock of your accomplishments and remember that you already posses what it takes to reach your goals.

3. What can you do easily that others find difficult?

Take a moment to think about what comes naturally to you. Your innate abilities should be a source of pride. Do you have skills and talents you’re not using? Write them down and find ways to embrace your abilities.

4.What do you want most that money can’t buy?

The intangible can be illusive, and this question will help define what’s missing. Prioritize meeting your needs that aren’t limited by fiscal constraints. You might find that getting more of what you want in life is a matter of intention. If it’s knowledge you desire, set a monthly reading quota. Is it connection? Plan a weekly outing with friends or family. That which feeds your soul should be non-negotiable in your schedule.

5.If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

The answer to this question will reveal your true convictions. We often adopt or alter our core values and beliefs depending on those with whom we spend the most time—parents, family and partners frequently influence us.

Living out our values is one way we can feel more at ease and purposeful. You can serve your beliefs by donating, volunteering, fundraising and advocating.

6.What does your dream life look like?

Think about a day in your perfect life— how would you spend your time, what job would you have and how much money would you make? Who is there and what is not? Letting go of things and relationships that don’t facilitate peace is essential.

The answers to these questions can be quite revelatory as they uncover what your life might be missing. Perhaps your real life is closer to your fantasy than you think! If not, now you know what’s important to you, and you can set goals that bring you closer to your dream.

Incorporating your passions, values and desires into your everyday life helps you build an existence that’s richly satisfying. As you continue to evolve, check in regularly with yourself and attune to these changes. The knowledge you need to create the life you want is within you!

Scarlett Longstreet

Scarlett Longstreet is a stay at home-ish mom who moonlights as a bartender and writer; you can find her words at




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