Celebrating Community Collaborations Spoke by Spoke

LaTarro Traylor and Lisa Butler

Upon discovering the bicycles for the youth group Urban Fellows had been stolen, Lisa Butler of Grand Rapids Urban League was heartbroken and outraged. The bicycles provided transportation for the group’s teens who are exploring entrepreneurship, learning how to build a strong work ethic, pursuing college goals, and gaining career skills.

Mariah Kennedy of The Spoke Folks

It wasn’t long before an outpouring of community support from Varnum Consulting, In the Image, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., the Grand Rapids Police Department and The Spoke Folks renewed hope for the Urban League initiative.

Jay Niewiek of The Spoke Folks

An impromptu celebration of community collaborations happened all at once at The Spoke Folks headquarters where bicycles were being refurbished for the Urban Fellows.

Arlen Gaddy of Varnum Consulting and Lisa Butler of the Grand Rapids Urban League

LaTarro Traylor reiterated Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.’s commitment to alternative transportation and mobility initiatives with support for the effort. Arlen Gaddy of Varnum Consulting delivered a check to aid in purchasing locks and helmets while Jay, Mariah and the staff at Spoke Folks were busy getting a dozen bicycles road-ready for the appreciative teens.

Urban Fellows
Celebrating community collaborations with the Urban Fellows


The Grand Rapids Police have made arrests and several of the stolen bikes have been recovered. Lisa also hopes to make an impact on the lives of the culprits by using the incident to teach them a powerful life lesson.

To learn more about the Grand Rapids Urban League visit www.grurbanleague.org

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