Camera-Ready Traveler


by Ashely Petroskey

With the cold months behind and sweet sunshine ahead, many of us are craving adventure. For some of us it’s a simple drive to the closest beach and for others it’s a need to explore beyond the safety of our comfort zone.

Whether you’re hiking the west coast, exploring romantic European cities or spending a day on Lake Michigan, it’s likely your current beauty routine will need some tweaks.

Traveling presents a few unique beauty challenges. Climate changes, sleep deprivation, stress and packing limitations can create frustration if you’re not prepared.

If your travel is fun-related, then you’ll probably want lots of photos, some even featuring yourself. You’ll also be meeting new people, or possibly visiting old friends. Either way, your makeup should be effortless, portable and chic.

Here are eight makeup must-haves for a woman on the go. Consider transferring them to a smaller container or buy sample sizes to ensure they pass through airport customs and are tidy enough to fit in an on-the-go bag.


BB Cream with SPF

BB Cream is a travel girl’s dream because it’s both a moisturizer and a foundation. It has medium level coverage and protects the skin from the sun. Finger-friendly application is best.


Concealer is key for the days we wake up with a surprise blemish or need to conceal lack of sleep. A liquid concealer tends to last longer and apply smoother if time is limited, but a solid, stick concealer may be more compact.


Mineral Powder

A mineral powder is an important step as it helps to set all products. It can come loose or pressed; I prefer pressed when traveling, as it is less messy and tends to last longer. There’s no need to apply a lot of this product; a nice light, all-over coverage is sufficient.


If you’re not getting a natural glow on a tropical beach, bronzer will add life to the skin and face. A little bronzer will highlight the cheekbones and make the face look fresh and complete.



Add a pop of color to those cheeks! A soft and light pink compliments any look and any skin tone. One quick trick when applying blush on the go is to smile in the mirror. Apply a quick hit of blush on the apples of the cheeks and you’re ready for the day.



Many experts say that eyebrows are the single most important feature on a woman’s face. A well-groomed eyebrow frames the entire face and can take years off a woman’s life. If you have light eyebrows or need to fill in from years of over-plucking, it’s a step you won’t want to slack on.



Mascara can change an entire look. It helps to frame and brighten the eyes. Waterproof might be a good option if you plan on being around water or warm, moist weather.


Lip Gloss

A simple gloss always adds freshness to the face. A light and more neutral color is typically best if you’re on the go and traveling. No need to shock with bright lips; a soft, nearly-there look can do the trick.


Ashley started a cosmetics line, BC Cosmetics, which celebrates the idea that all women start as a Blank Canvas. She worked as a makeup artist in NYC and GR and is a sales consultant at WLM. Find BC Cosmetics on Facebook.




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