Cabin Fever Reliever

by Rick Vuyst 

The phrase “cabin fever” perfectly describes the claustrophobic feeling we tend to develop after spending months indoors peering out our windows over the tundra. After a while, we long to see the color green and experience the aroma of fresh soil as the earth renews.

Research continues to tell us that time spent in nature reduces stress and increases well-being. Garden Media Group Garden Trends reports that “forest bathing”—or the medicine of being in the forest—is today where yoga was 30 years ago.

There is no need to wait until the spring thaw to get your dose of green! The houseplant and indoor foliage craze that was once popular in the 70s has recently made a comeback and for good reason; adding plants to your dwelling not only combats cabin fever, but creates boundaries and defines spaces in your home. From succulents to tillandsias, there is plenty of leafage to choose from.

A must-try list of indoor plants:


Enthusiasts say this plant promotes positive harmony in your home. Aloe is easy to grow with natural or artificial light. Be mindful not to overwater the plant and it will reward you. The stalk’s gel is a soothing substance for skin application.


Stylish and easy to care for, succulents are slow growing and offer a great way to add living texture to your home. As with all indoor plants, remember not to overwater. Insert a toothpick into the soil; if it comes out clean, then it may be time to water; if it comes out with bits of potting soil attached, it’s probably fine. Just add bright light to keep this plant happy!


Easy to grow and adaptable, this plant has a long-standing reputation as an indoor air cleaner. This plant requires little watering and prefers bright, indirect light.

Sanseveria (Snake Plant)

This plant grows slowly and does not get unruly. Adding stylish vertical growth to containers, sanseveria plants are perfect for corners and areas in need of a living accent.


Herbs are generally grown outside under the hot sun. However, don’t avoid them in winter! With bright light and limited water, you can enjoy the aroma of herbs indoors to beat the cold weather blues. I recommend sage, lavender, rosemary, oregano and basil.

Rick Vuyst

Rick Vuyst is CEO of Flowerland, host of the Flowerland Show on NewsRadio WOOD 1300 and 106.9 FM as well as Mr. Green Thumb on WZZM TV 13.



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