Bold Moves: Spicing Up Your Home Decor

by Lori Marks

“Bold simplicity is the keynote to good design.” –Sailor Jerry

Creativity is key in today’s interior design process.  Increasingly, people are looking for ways to add the “wow” factor to their space with bold choices and design features. But what truly defines a bold space? How do you use the concept in your design choices while still reflecting your personality and giving your room the attention it deserves? Start with the following ideas, and you may be surprised at the number of ways you can create the attention-grabbing space you’re after.

Go for Color

Naturally, color is often the first thing people think of when creating a vivid space. From walls to furniture to accessories, color makes a dramatic difference. Colorful walls can create the “shell” necessary to develop the rest of the room and the choices are endless, so you’re bound to find something you love. If you’re not quite ready to commit to significant color, an accent wall could be the perfect way to go. If you’re uncertain about color selection, start first by selecting your furniture and fabrics. Once you know what you’re working with from a fabric and style standpoint, it’s much easier to create that jewel-toned accent wall or the navy blue family room you’ve always wanted. Or, skip the bold color on the walls altogether, instead opting to keep the walls light, bright and white and let the color of your furniture pieces, artwork or accessories do the talking

Add Patterns and Texture

These two design elements combine to create the perfect bold look. Today, there are hundreds of patterns, textures and colors from which to choose. Blending texture and pattern adds depth, dimension and character to a room. Choose a bright, daring pattern in your accent chairs or ottoman to add emphasis to a contemporary space or select a unique pattern with more muted colors for a fun and quirky cottage look. Be sure to toss in some textured pillows that catch your eye (fuzzy pillows are back) or some that add a pop of color and pull your pieces all together. Finally, throw in an area rug that also utilizes these elements to “bring the bold” and adds cohesion to your space.

Look to the Wall

If you’re looking for another outside-of-the-box option, consider using pattern and texture on your walls. In recent years, wallpaper has pushed its way to the forefront again as more artists creating one-of-a-kind designs with options ranging from prints and textures to custom graphics. Try these bold styles in a bathroom, an entry area or on a focal wall in your dining room. On a smaller scale, create something dramatic over the fireplace, in a workspace nook or on the riser of your wooden stairs. Choose a pattern with a white backdrop if you still want a bold look without too much color and play up the pattern with wall accents like mirrors or framed photographs. With rustic pieces being all the rage, look for reclaimed wood and use it on your wall, keeping it natural or giving it a white washed look. Either way, the texture of the wood is attention grabbing, whether used in today’s modern farmhouse or in a trendy urban loft.

Display and Accessorize

Even if you prefer a neutral space, you can go bold with art and accessories; a set of canvas prints or a large-scale colorful piece of art offers enjoyment and also reflects your personality. Likewise, creating a collage on a single wall adds interest that everyone will notice. Photographs have long been used in creating collages, but today’s options include open display boxes in woods or rustic metals of varying sizes. Use them to add colorful accessory pieces and greenery — succulents are especially popular and come in various sizes and colors. Also consider collages with mirrors, clocks or other standout pieces and combine it with a shelf for other accessories or another piece of art. Mix it up and make it noticeable!

The definition of bold need not mean “in your face,” but rather, something that brings interest and attention to your room and reflects your style. Work with a designer to get started or discuss your ideas. You just have to be bold enough to begin!

 Lori Marks currently works as a designer at Stonesthrow, helping clients redesign and refresh their interior space. To connect with Lori, visit



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