Biggest Loser Ali Vincent Brings Her Inspiration to the West Michigan Women’s Expo

Ali Vincent is interviewed by LeAnn Secord for Women’s LifeStyle

A living inspiration, Ali Vincent is proof that great effort can yield exceptional results. Ali became the first female Biggest Loser in the fifth season of the show in 2008. She not only transformed her physical self, but her emotional self as well. Shrinking from 234 pounds down to 122 pounds, Ali also changed from being a lost and discouraged person to someone radiating inspiration.

Growing up with a mother who was a competitive swimmer, Ali and her sister learned to swim before they could walk. The water was a natural place for Ali; she became an internationally ranked synchronized swimming champion and continued with the sport from the age of 6 through high school.

During her competitive swimming years, Ali never had to worry about her weight. It was after her synchronized swimming days that the trouble started. She never replaced swimming with another form of activity. Gaining just 5 pounds here and 5 pounds there, Ali’s weight snuck up on her. After trying different diet programs to get back down to her desired weight, Ali went back to old habits which resulted in gaining back all the weight she lost to begin with. She didn’t see dieting as a “change of life” approach.

Ali was in her early thirties when she finally acknowledged that things needed to change and they needed to change now. Ali’s family has always been supportive of her. In fact, it was Ali’s mother, Bette- Sue, that ultimately convinced her to attend the casting call for The Biggest Loser.

The night before the casting call, Ali went over to her mother’s house and they watched the show together learning exactly what the show was about. Ali learned that NBC’s The Biggest Loser wasn’t some reality show exploiting and making fun of people with weight problems. The Biggest Loser is a reality show that strives to change lives. Not only do the contestants work to lose weight, but they also work to equip themselves with skills to lead healthy (physically and emotionally) lives beyond the scope of the show.

Standing in line for The Biggest Loser, combined with the anxiety of being chosen, was a very humbling but motivating experience for Ali. She was determined to change, whether or not she made it on the show. But she was in fact chosen. Not only that, she was determined to win.

The Biggest Loser had not had a female winner yet and was considering crowning one male and one female winner in future seasons if a woman did not prevail this time around. “Women have to work harder than men in order to lose weight at the same pace. That is just the way we are built. The world of women needed me to do this and I was determined to do so. I was determined to win,” Ali confidently declares. Ali even named herself the winner of The Biggest Loser during national interviews early on in the show’s season. Her confidence and enthusiasm became contagious.

Ali drew strength from everything and everyone around her. She wore pink because the color pink historically stands for women fighting for their lives. Focusing on the phrase “Believe it. Be it.” (also the title of her book), Ali took advantage of the chance of a lifetime, being on The Biggest Loser. She completely committed herself to her goal of winning and succeeded, losing 47% of her body weight!

“There is no secret. You cannot just wish something to happen. You have to put yourself out into the universe and figure out a way to your goals, staying committed, and finding a way to make the impossible possible,” Ali replied when asked what her secret to success is.

Ali serves as the celebrity spokesperson for Designer Whey protein as well as representing The Biggest Loser products on QVC. She has also served as the celebrity spokesperson for 24-Hour Fitness. Ali continues to be physically active. She is training for her first Iron Man this year. She also loves crafting, beading, and bedazzling. She enjoys spending time with her dogs and cross-country skiing. She recently bought her first pair of downhill skis and plans to be the most decked out skier on the bunny hills.

You can keep up with Ali on her website (, Facebook (, and on her half-hour series on the LiveWell Network “Live Big with Ali Vincent” ( You can also learn more about Ali in her book “Believe It. Be It.”

Come see Ali Vincent in person at the West Michigan Women’s Expo at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, MI from March 9-11, 2012 (visit for exact appearance details and schedule). Ali will be sharing her story and hoping to find others who can relate to her experience and journey.

Ali Vincent with members of the West Michigan Women's Expo Team


“You have to take things one step at a time. Live in the now. This is the moment, but you have to be completely on board (if you want to make a change). The biggest factor is to have forgiveness and love for yourself.” – Ali Vincent

About the Author:
LeAnn Secord is a fundraiser, free lance writer, and juggling enthusiast who resides in the Grand Rapids area.

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