Automating Your Home

The technology we once only dreamed of is now commonplace and quite literally rests in the palms of our hands. Today, it’s possible to convert virtually any ordinary dwelling into a smart home filled with features that make daily tasks more convenient. These technologies allow for greener living, total customization of your space and the peace of mind that you can control key home systems with your smartphone.

Converting to a smart home may seem like an intimidating task at first, but once you break the process into manageable steps, you’ll see there’s nothing to it.

Set a budget.

All of the technology and gadgetry that comprise today’s smart homes were once viewed as a luxury, but are now quite affordable for the average homeowner.

How much money you’ll ultimately spend to create your smart home depends on numerous factors: the size of your home, number of systems and appliances you wish to automate and the level of integration you desire.

Assuming your home is already wired for a high-performance broadband connection, you can get started for less than $100.

Pay attention to the levels of integration various products offer; purchasing from brands that partner with other smart-home device makers will help ensure any mechanisms you add in the future will work with those you install now.

Brainstorm ideas for each room.

It’s time to start imagining! Remember that the very essence of smart devices is their ability to make your life more convenient. Go room to room in your home and think about the activities that occur in each space. Consider which of these could be easier or more enjoyable with the support of smart technology. The living room, where you likely have a host of entertainment equipment, offers plenty of obvious benefits, but also look at the kitchen, for example. Did you forget to start the dishwasher on your way out the door? Initiating a wash cycle remotely will let you come home to clean dishes.

Prioritize what you install.

Start with the most important products first. For most homeowners, these are the gadgets that you use every day.

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