ArtPrize On the Fringe

by Women’s LifeStyle Staff

Seeking to shake up your ArtPrize experience? Visit these must-see venues that are on the fringe. Likely, you’ll avoid crowds and see spectacular art that is off the beaten path. Ready, set, explore!

The City Water Building by The Richard App Gallery

1101 Monroe Ave NW • Monroe North

For a dose of progressive works and an atypical location to get lost in (really—the venue’s more than 16,000 sq. ft.), visit the City Water Building that resides on the outskirts of Downtown. Around each corner lies another captivating display; come listen to the hanging logs, find your way to a room full of dancing shadows, and meet the faces of our animal shelters, for example. Define the boldness, eeriness or delight in these entries that are a transparent glimpse into each artist’s mind.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 10 am-8 pm, Friday 12 pm-9 pm, Saturday 10 am-9 pm, Sunday 12 pm-6 pm

Rain by Amarant Design Collective, 63088
Rain by Amarant Design Collective, 63088 at The City Water Building

Peaches Bed & Breakfast

29 Gay SE • Hillside

Looking for an eclectic collection of talented artists? From fire-breathing dragons to a Frida-inspired gown, Peaches Bed & Breakfast hosts it all. Interact with the Singing Wall or be mesmerized by A Journey of One’s Vision while visiting with the house’s wandering Dalmatians. Another venue with a variety of mediums, this one delivers instant gratification as 29 entries are displayed in the small space of the yard and first floor, making it easy (and quick!) to see fantastic art outside from the busy streets of Downtown.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 12 pm-8 pm, Friday & Saturday 12 pm-9 pm, Sunday 12 pm-6 pm

A Journey of One's Vision by Mark Brzeszkiewicz, 63174
A Journey of One’s Vision by Mark Brzeszkiewicz, 63174 at Peaches Bed & Breakfast
Imagination of a Farm Boy by Anthony Jackson, 63002
Imagination of a Farm Boy by Anthony Jackson, 63002 at Peaches Bed & Breakfast

Palatte Coffee & Art

150 Fulton St E • Heartside

A little venue on a big street, Palatte Coffee & Art hosts 16 thought-provoking 2D pieces that cover the shoppe’s walls. Stop in for a coffee and let the hip and cozy atmosphere recharge your ArtPrize adventure. From abstract to lifelike, each piece comes alive in this intimate venue. Insiders tip: Ask the owners Federico and Maria Farias (who’re typically serving coffee) about Federico’s ArtPrize entry, Natural Rain Flow.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 7 am-8 pm, Friday-Saturday 8 am-8 pm, Sunday 10 am-6 pm

Natural Rain Flow by Federico Farias, 63742
Natural Rain Flow by Federico Farias, 63742 at Palatte Coffee & Art


333 Rumsey Street SW • Rumsey

Titled Everything Is Transformed, this year’s SiTE:LAB venue converts a whole city block into a contemporary arts district. This is a must-see for abstract and modern art goers; the venue made the Jurors’ Shortlist (SiTE:LAB is a four-time ArtPrize winner for outstanding venue), as well as three individual entries: Hybrid Structures, which makes accessibility an art form, Excavations, and Christmas Eve.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 8 am-8 pm, Friday-Saturday 12 am-10 pm, Sunday 12 am-6 pm

TransMigration by Julie Schenkelberg, 63561
TransMigration by Julie Schenkelberg, 63561 at SiTE:LAB

Fountain Street Church

24 Fountain St NE • Hillside

Fountain Street Church might not be on the fringe of the city in terms of proximity, but the Art to Change the World theme contributes to the must-experience uniqueness of this venue. Driven by social and cultural injustices or controversy, each piece shares a unique story with which every art-goer can relate: suffrage, fossil fuels, the second amendment, and so on. The best part is the variation of the entries; each piece is distinct, and nearly every medium, both 2D and 3D, is represented.

Hours: Monday-Friday 10 am-8 pm, Saturday 12 pm-8 pm, Sunday 9 am-6 pm

Enough Arms? by Gretchen Deems, 36020
Enough Arms? series by Gretchen Deems, 36020 at Fountain Street Church
#CommunityCampaigns by Al WIldey, 62966
#CommunityCampaigns by Al WIldey, 62966 at Fountain Street Church

Tuscan Liquors

1140 Monroe Ave. NW • Monroe North

Looking for something eerie this ArtPrize? Look no further than Tuscan Liquors, who features 17 pieces of art that touches the darkest depths of the soul. Gaze at Camille on the Rise, a portrait of a beautiful woman who seems to stare back regardless of your location; explore your inner anguish as you view The Scream; and view a current prisoner’s 3D figurines made from toilet paper, soap, and water that represent his conception of America.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10 am-12 am, Sunday 12 pm-10 pm

America by D'Artagnon Little, 63591
America by D’Artagnon Little, 63591 at Tuscan Liquors
Camille on the Rise by Michele Woods, 62577
Camille on the Rise by Michele Woods, 62577 at Tuscan Liquors

Grand Rapids Ballet Co.

341 Ellsworth Ave. SW • Heartside

Home to a Jurors’ Shortlist selection, Untitled by muralist Louise Chen, this installation piece comprises Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts’ Exit Space Project that aims to connect urban spaces and public art.

Hours: Monday-Sunday 12 pm-10 pm

Untitled by Louise Chen, 63983
Untitled by Louise Chen, 63983 at Grand Rapids Ballet Co.

Monroe Street Church

800 Monroe Ave. NW • Monroe North

Artwork of many mediums occupy the walls and floor space of the Monroe Community Church: charcoal portraits, touching photographs, nature-inspired paintings, a machine, a sculpture, installation pieces that include Canadian artist Heather Haynes’ powerful Wall of Courage. Perhaps one of the most provoking (and grand) pieces at this venue, an entire wall of the church displays 80 orphaned children from the Democratic Republic of Congo that shares a handwritten, heart-wrenching story of the struggles each child has endured.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 5 pm-8 pm, Friday-Saturday 12 pm-8 pm, Sunday 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Wall of Courage by Heather Haynes, 62622
Wall of Courage by Heather Haynes, 62622 at Monroe Community Church
Falling Sky by Krista Steinke, 64296
Falling Sky by Krista Steinke, 64296 at Monroe Community Church

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