Art and Intuition: A Look Beyond with Eugenia Marve

by Sarah Anderson • Photography by Two Eagles Marcus

Sitting at her kitchen table, full of flowers and balloons from her birthday the day before, Eugenia Marve places a crystal and a statue of Mary in front of her. These are the only items she requires when she performs a psychic reading.

The Grand Rapids resident has been a practicing psychic reader for more than 35 years. She reads at Spirit Dreams and at her own home, and facilitates workshops for meditation, chromo therapy, intuitive awareness, spiritual growth and past life regression. As an artist, Marve is well-known for being ethnically diverse, colorful and imaginative.

Before Marve began honing in on her psychic abilities, she possessed an innate desire to understand life beyond herself and chose to connect to a different part of the world through art.

“The art was a statement about the journey that I was on— the visualization, the dreams, the spiritual contacts, the multi layers of the universe and understanding the depths of what is beyond the physical presence–the physicality. I put that in visual format, and now I’m experiencing that without a pencil.”

At the age of 19, Marve’s boyfriend was killed in automobile accident. She recalls how the aftermath of the tragic experience introduced her to a world beyond our own.

“The week before he died, he said, ‘You know, I just feel like I’m running out of time.’ And he did. He ran out of time and he died,” she shared. “Then, his spirit started coming back. I’d feel him sit down on the couch or the bed and walk across the floor.”

She then realized that she needed to understand life after death. Marve craved knowledge about other cultures and how they grasp the meaning of life, so she enrolled in graduate school to study comparative religions.

As a resident and graduate advisor, Marve quickly learned that problems were not black and white, rather, they were found among every group of every sort. She found that a true understanding of one’s blessings and purpose in life prohibits the desire to tear down other people.

She turned to her artwork as a means to bridge gaps and more deeply connect to herself and the world.

“Art is just another creative process. It’s another opening the doors to who we are in expression whether you do music or poetry or readings as I do. It’s all the same thing of being involved in the world and our reaction to it. “

Originally from Flint, Marve came to Grand Rapids as a visiting artist. Now, with murals at God’s Kitchen, Spectrum Theatre, Grand Rapids Public Schools and a vase at the Eberhard Center in Grand Valley State University, she is known for her art that celebrates all cultures and life forms. Her favorite art form now? Helping others by connecting them with the world they cannot see.

“We all come here with life lessons to learn,” she explained. “We get the parents we are supposed to have, the siblings, the lover, the children, the work people–everything that we are supposed to have.”

Everyone, she says, also has something difficult to deal with in life. Many come to her in an attempt to figure out why they are experiencing certain difficulties, what they may experience in the future and to connect with those that have passed before them who might have something they need to tell them.


“I think most people are looking for why. Why me? What am I here for? What is my reason for being? Sometimes it’s to learn to get along with someone you are having difficulty with. If we find out who we are and understand our own choices, how can we help and make life better for others? How can we contribute in a helpful way? It’s moving from a victim mentality to saying, ‘I got this’ and that’s the journey.”

She stresses that there are no mistakes in life. While we tend to think of our path as linear, it is far from from it. With each curve we are given a lesson or a blessing that will shape our journey.

“We all come here with life lessons to learn,” Marve explained. “We get the parents we are supposed to have, the siblings, the lover, the children, the work people–everything that we are supposed to have.” 

Step into the Realm of a Professional Clairvoyant.

How does one become psychic?

“Every person is psychic and intuitive because we have what I call gifts of the spirit. We are more than the five senses. We are more than we envision ourselves to be. We are more empowered, we are more capable, we have the potential to be more loving.

For example, have you ever had a dream and the dream came true? Have you ever thought about a person and suddenly that person called? Have you ever really planned to do something and envisioned it and worked toward it and you thought you might have no help, but all of a sudden these opportunities started unfolding before you? Have you ever had a sense of a friend that they may be ill or have a celebration coming so you call or text them and find out that it is the case?”

What is a reading like?

“First, I’ll explain to them that I have no filters or walls in connection with life experiences and that I see everything so don’t be embarrassed by what I see. I tell them that I am going to hold their hands and say a prayer–they can feel one in their heart but I will speak it–then I will be quiet, and I’m going to see what I’m being given about you. After that, you can ask me questions about anything that you think. I am also a medical intuitive; I can tell when there are clogged arteries, high blood pressure, crooked spine, one hip higher than the other–if I see something that is red, it is generally cancer.”

Can someone see their own future?

“Yes. When you are open and understanding of what is happening with yourself, and if you’re not fearful that the information is coming to us all the time about everything.”

Are you reading everyone constantly as you are out and about?

“I do see stuff just passing people, but sometimes I close it off. Sometimes it will just come to me. I try not to though, because I want to focus on my life and what I’m doing. I can read on the phone or Skype read. My most recent was somebody in Saudi Arabia.”

Do you ever get information and feel like you have to tell somebody?

“Yes. Usually it’s when I get it three times. I believe I am a servant and that we are the only arms and legs God has.”

Does everybody need a psychic reading?

“Not everyone needs a psychic reading. People who have an interest in going outside of their understandable boundaries to expand more and to be aware of the form or shape and the inside or the underneath of the experience that they are having–the holistic view of their life and their journey. They use that to say, ‘Yes I should be better in this area. I should be more forgiving in this area. My brother is not my brother by mistake.’”

When should someone come back to see you?

“When they feel that something is really important and they need help.”

Does every person have intuition?

“Yes, every single person has intuition. Very seldom do spirits talk the way we talk. It’s usually a thought, a word or a string of vibration that comes into our space. Intuition is a gut feeling, an experience you almost dreamed forward. We think of time in a linear space; our journey is never linear, though. We keep making curves and those stops are really important. Those are the things that can be disruptive and informative.”

Is there ever anyone you can’t read?

“I have read for people that are so tight and have so many walls up. They weren’t prepared to take the journey and wouldn’t be able to deal with it. It’s like the person who goes to AA and says, ‘Okay I’m here for a minute then I’m going to go get that drink.’ I give what I can do because I think they can only see a certain space. The depth of where I’m allowed to go with that person is different.”

What should someone do before a reading?

“I always think it’s just important to try to be relaxed. Just relax–that’s all you have to do. I think everything depends on who you go to. I’m really just talking about (a reading with) me personally.”

Is the future predetermined? Can someone change it?

“They can. We can look at (the current) conditions and what is going to happen. Sometimes, it’s goals and how to go about (them).”

What’s on your bucket list?

“I want to help people. I want to make a difference. I would like to have more opportunities to help people. My greatest wish is to just be a vessel and a worker for God.”

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