Achieving Health the Hooping Way at the Expo


by Kristen King

Hoop Happy Hoop Healthy wants to inspire you with a trim body and healthy lifestyle. Prepare to redefine your stereotypes of losing weight through agonizing exercise on the treadmill.  Hoop Fit will show you a fun way to reduce stress, build confidence, and improve your posture while strengthening areas including your core, legs and arms through hula hooping.  All ages are welcome to join their ten energetic hoop classes that will have you laughing in the midst of upbeat music. Classes begin with what is called “posture exercises,” something the founder, Merri Davis, believes is lacking in today’s society. Enjoy the accomplishment of mastering a new hula trick while making both sides of your brain work.

Merri Davis picked up hula hooping in July of 2009 as a hobby after watching how much fun a group of girls were having at a music festival. By June of 2010, she had created Hoop Happy Hoop Healthy LLC. “It was never my intention to start a business; I had a full-time job as a speech therapist.” As a child Merri could never hula hoop, but ensures that anyone can learn. “When people come to me saying they can’t hoop, I believe it is because: one, they didn’t have the right size hoop, and two, they didn’t have the right instructor. I’ve never met a person I can’t teach how to hoop.”  With a Masters in exercise science and member of IDEA Health and Fitness association, Merri is more than qualified to give you an effective workout.


Each custom, hand-cut hoop takes about an hour and a half to create, and come in five sizes. Since we do not come from the same cookie-cutter mold, each person can find a hoop that is specific to them.  The most popular hoop, the ‘Padded-hoop’, is smaller in diameter, designed for more comfort, and is intended for better results. Another great option is the ‘Performance hoop’ which is great to bring to concerts and fun events. They also offer collapsible hoops you can bring with you on an airplane, throw on the back of your bike, or whatever it may be. Finally let’s not forget about the glow-in-the-dark hula hoop for those of you who want to show off your hooping skills at nightly events or parties.

With almost two years under their belt, business is booming! “I am all over, but I am very proud of that.” Giving to groups including Girls on the Run, Devos Children’s Hospital, Every Women’s Place, Muskegon Family Care, Public schools including Beach and Ealy elementary, families with special needs children and various non-profits,  Hoop Happy Hoop Healthy is all about impacting the community.  With the rapid growth of the business they are also looking for help. They are looking to hire independent contractors to be able to give lessons, and are ideally people that have a passion for hooping and have gone through a 6-week class themselves.


“It’s a great feeling to introduce how to hoop healthy to adults and children,” Merri shares. So for your next event, whether a birthday or graduation party, festival, craft show, community event, etc. let Merri and the girls of Happy Hoop Healthy Hoop show you a great time while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

You can learn more about Merri and her Hoop Happy Hoop Healthy business at the West Michigan Women’s Expo on March 8, 9, and 10 at DeVos Place. Just visit for ticket information.


Kristen King is a marketing and advertising student at Grand Valley State University. You may find her around Grand Rapids at concerts, coffee shops, or leading worship for various youth groups.

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