A Fresh Take: Innovative Gadgets for the Foodie in You

by Chiara Licari

From the mortal and pestle to the garlic press, there have long been tools that enhance the art of cooking and speak to the culture behind certain dishes. Culinary gadgets equip the everyday chef with the ability to produce gastronomical wonders, expand the possibilities of the average kitchen and create a connection to what we feed our bodies. The following innovative gizmos provide a fresh, enjoyable and modern take on the ordinary cooking experience.


Smart Meat Thermometer

Monitor your meat remotely! An electronic meat thermometer keeps salmonella out of the picture and cutting into undercooked dinner a thing of the past. Fully accessible by your smart phone, the Bluetooth devise operates with or without an app. Simply sink the probe into a chicken breast or beef tenderloin and you’ll be notified when your meat reaches optimal temperature.


Boil, blanch or steam foods in less time with this charming silicone vessel. The FoodPod can hold anything from broccoli to clams to pasta and clips to the edge of any pot for easy, safe removal. Simply stuff the pod with your food of choice, attach to the pot and submerge in water. When you are ready for dinner, extract, let drain and enjoy! The compact design expands to hold up to a dozen eggs and is dishwasher safe.

Herb Shears

Any dish can be tailored to your palate with a burst of well-selected herbs. If you have your own garden or prefer to purchase your favorite herbs in their natural state, herb shears will be a welcome addition to your cutlery drawer. Equipped with multiple blades, these handy scissors allow you to snip herbs with ease right into the pan.

Indoor Grill

Black grill marks on a hot dog speak of neighborhood barbecues and summer vacations. Indoor grills utilize infrared technology that allows you to cook up your favorite backyard nosh right in your kitchen, so you can enjoy a taste of summer any time of the year.


Do you want your wine to taste as though it came straight from the vineyard? Say hello to the Üllo! This inventive filter utilizes Selective Sulfate Technology™ to remove sulfates and restore the natural taste of wine. Sulfates are added to wine during production to prolong the life of the bottle, and some claim they are the culprit of the infamous wine headache. Attach a single filter to your glass or purify a whole bottle with a Üllo decanter and dream of rolling Tuscan hills while you sip away.

Veggie Noodle Maker

This device allows the veggie-minded cook to string zucchini and carrots into multicolored noodles. Perfect for modifying your favorite Asian dish or Greek salad, this pasta look-alike serves as a delicious gluten replacement as well as a vibrant addition to any meal. 

Instant Wine Chiller

An instant wine chiller is designed to make sure your pinot grigio is never too warm. The simple stainless steel attachment fits over the neck of the bottle and cools the wine as your pour it, so you can feel free to leave your favorite white on the counter during your dinner party.

Chiara Licari is a Writing and Advertising/Public Relations double major at GVSU venturing out in West Michigan and getting a taste of the writing life.  



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