8 Everyday Hacks: Ways to Turn Simple Things into Brilliant Tools

Eight different ways three simple, little things become brilliant tools.

Arm yourself with paper clips, safety pins and bobby pins to thwart static cling, preserve your sanity and keep your thumb from being smashed. Here’s how:

Paper Clips

• Use a paper clip for the tab on a missing zipper.

• Stick a paper clip to the sticky edge of the tape, and you won’t lose your mind trying to find the seam.

• Use a paper clip to secure tiny bags–maybe even a bag holding more paper clips.

• Bend the long side of the paper clip upward to make a smartphone stand for hands-free video recording or watching.

Safety Pins

• Divert static cling by attaching a safety pin to the inner hem or lining. Apply the same principle to your laundry by pinning two or three safety pins to a washcloth and tossing it in the dryer along with your laundry.

• Use a safety pin to push a runaway drawstring back through a jacket, pants or bag.

• When there’s no one around to help when you zip up the back of your dress, attach a safety pin to a string, connect it to the zipper and pull.

Bobby Pins

• Ever hit your thumb when hammering a nail? Avoid doing that again by clipping the nail to a bobby pin. It will let you hold the nail in place while keeping your precious thumb out of harm’s way.



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