6 Easy Ways to Have Healthier Holidays

by Sarah Anderson

As the holidays ensue, we are faced with opulent meals offering us the very best of culinary indulgence, and each weekend is filled with festive gatherings where platters of sweets sing a siren song. While you celebrate this joyous of seasons with family and friends, try these simple tricks to keep your everyday health from falling to the wayside.

Get a Step Counter

Investing in a wearable device is a great way to remind yourself to get moving! Compete with friends or try to beat your own record each day.

Drink Water

Down a cool glass of water as soon as you wake up. During the many holiday parties you’ll attend this season, make sure you drink another glass of water between each alcoholic beverage. Finally, sip a glass of water before you go to sleep. Your body will thank you!

Ditch the “All or Nothing” Mentality

Remember: Everything in moderation. Chances are, your relatives will make your all-time favorite holiday dishes and desserts again this season–let yourself enjoy them! Have a little dessert without feeling like you’ve blown your entire diet plan.

Ginger Tea

Said to help boost your metabolism, ginger tea is a tasty year-round option for its healing effects. Resist a sugary coffee craving with a steamy, spicy cup of ginger tea.

Reach for the Red Wine, Leave the Beer Behind

Keeping moderation in mind, opt for a beverage with a few less calories – and maybe even a few health benefits! Sip a glass of a heavier, hearty red wine as you enjoy the holiday company.

Resist the Snowball Effect

One indulgent day doesn’t need to turn into a season of overdoing it. Allow yourself to reset after an unhealthy day and stop the bad habits in their tracks.

Listen to Your Body

Do certain foods make you feel tired after eating them? What about bloated, uncomfortable, or lethargic? Your body is telling you something. Before you think of the taste, think of how you feel after you eat certain types of food. Fill your plate with those feel-good foods and only make a little room for the food that your body doesn’t love as much.

Sarah Anderson

Sarah shuffles between editorial support, content production and advertising at WLM. She loves her job so much, and isn’t just saying that to impress her boss.



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