5 Downright Easy Ways to Conserve Water

Water preservation is an honorable duty to which every one of us can contribute. Here are five ways to take pleasure in saving this treasure in your everyday life.

Fix Leaky Faucets 

You’ve been meaning to fix it, that leaky faucet that’s been drip, drip, dripping for months. While it may not seem like a trickling faucet is a huge waste of water, the U.S. Geological Survey estimates a home with three or more leaky faucets uses an extra 104 gallons of water per year.  Break out your tool kit, call the handyman or summon a plumber and derail the drip.

Go to the Car Wash

As warmer weather approaches, some car owners look forward to hosing down their winter-stained vehicles. Before unwinding the hose, consider visiting a commercial car wash instead. Car wash facilities may only use 9 to 40 gallons per wash—a considerable savings compared to the 100 gallons of water used during a 10-minute car wash in your driveway. Waterworks Car Wash (near Celebration Cinema) adheres to local effluent standards and is a member of the environmental certification program of the International Carwash Association’s Water Savers.

Eat Fresh

A lot of water goes into processing foods, so opt for more fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce found at farm stands and farmers markets is minimally processed. Farmers work hard to grow the most nutritious produce possible by utilizing sustainable techniques, picking produce just before bringing it to the market and taking pride in the natural rainbow of beautiful seasonal varieties.

Use the Dishwasher 

This particular effort to conserve water is one that everyone can embrace. According to the GRACE Communications Foundation, an organization devoted to developing innovative strategies to increase public awareness about the issues facing our environment, using an energy-efficient dishwasher instead of hand-washing dishes can save as much as 15.5 gallons per wash.

Choose Tap Over Bottled Water

The experts at GRACE say it takes about 1.5 gallons of water to manufacture a single plastic bottle (how crazy is that?) and plastic bottles are always made from new plastic material.

Consider that if you drink eight glasses of water a day, the cost equals about fifty cents per year in water from the tap, yet, over the course of a year the same amount of bottled water costs you nearly $1,500.



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