3 Tips for Grilling Fish

Courtesy MCC
Courtesy MCC

Fish is cooked in various ways; many people bake their fish, while others are partial to broiling or frying. While fish also can be grilled, many people shy away from grilling fish out of a fear that they will overcook the meal or their fish will turn flaky and crumble over open flames; however, there are tricks to grilling fish that grill masters can employ to avoid disasters the next time they throw fish on the flames.

Purchase fish with the skin on. Skin prevents fish from flaking over open flames, essentially holding a fillet together while it cooks and ensuring it does not fall apart when you try to remove the fish from the grill. Many people find the skin adds a crispy flavor to grilled fish as well. If you don’t want to eat the skin once the fish is cooked, slowly remove it after taking the fish off the grill.

Wrap fish in foil. While the flavor might not provide that familiar grilled taste, wrapping the fish in foil does ensure you don’t have to be watching the oven and grill when cooking for friends or family members who prefer fish over more traditional grilled foods. Spray the foil with cooking spray prior to grilling so you can easily remove the fish once it’s finished cooking.

Cook on a plank. It’s possible to grill fish by placing the fish on a wooden plank and placing the plank directly on the grill. Soak the plank in water for several hours before cooking, and then keep an eye on the fish while it cooks. If the grill seems especially hot, move the plank to a part that is not as hot.




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