16 Favorites of 2016


Creative Collaboration with Adrienne Stevens

Learn about the strikingly spirited and relentlessly uplifting president of Notions Marketing, Adrienne Stevens.



Gentle Touch: Hair Removal Tips & Facts

Mother-daughter duo Betsy Ludwick and Jill Petter share decades of experience and let us in on the 10 things you should know about laser hair removal.



Sarah Gust: Gusting Through the Elements

Sarah Gust serves as an inspiration to get comfortable with the uncomfortable as she journeys to a new lifestyle focused on health and adventure.


Three Jazz Women

To fuel your ardor for jazz, Kathy Lamar, Mary Rademacher Reed, and Edye Evans Hyde share their contagious ebullience in a Q&A with Women’s LifeStyle.


Wanted: Disabled Models

Lucia Rios opens up about the excitement of auditioning to be a disabled model in a fashion show and discovering that she is, in fact, model material.


Champagne 5 Ways

Keep the fun bubbling after New Year’s Eve! These 5 variations on the classic option will keep you indulging year round.



Forward Thinking with Carolyn Heines

She was responsible for bringing some of the biggest names in music to Fountain Street Church and opening Grand Rapids’ first yoga studio 37 years ago. The mighty force Carolyn Heines shares some of the details of her extraordinary life.


Hold Up! Finding the Correct Bra Fit

Owner of MeMe’s Foundations, Deb Bates, makes dreams a reality for women struggling to find the perfect bra. Bates gives us the tools to find the perfect fit.



5 Lessons for New Pet Owners

Be ready to welcome your new furry friend home by learning these lessons in advance.



Holistic Childbearing

Kristin Revere and Karlye McNeely, co-owners of Gold Coast Doulas, have dedicated their lives to supporting all functions, systems and both physical and emotional needs of women as they bring new life into the world.



Daily Duty: Have You Done Your Kegels?

A friendly reminder from Sexologist Megan Stubbs to include your pelvic floor in your workout regimen!



Behind the Mic with the Voice of Our Community: Shelley Irwin

Winner of the 2016 ATHENA Award, Shelley Irwin shares her journey to success and her tenacity for life.



Lisa Butler: Relentless by Nature

A woman with never-ending dreams for our community, Lisa Butler, director of the Center for Health and Wellness at Urban League impacts lives of all community members.



Essential Oil Basics

A new trend that has been around for centuries, essential oils can be used for countless ailments as well as daily health and well-being. There’s much to be learned about essential oils with each one having its own properties and methods for use.



Jenna Arcidiacono: That’s Amore

“When you’re sitting at the table, you never get older.” The owner and head chef of Amore Trattoria Italiana gives us a seat at the table to learn about her journey of sharing the beauty of Italy with Grand Rapids.



Dr. Diana Bitner: Her Passion for Women’s Health, Heart Disease and Prevention

Bitner reveals essential information about women-specific health concerns, the link between menopause and heart disease, and effective methods of taking preventative action.



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